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The world has spoken to me in a thousand different languages:
The hum of thunder in the distance,
The wind as it tickles the leaves of the trees,
The rushing water of an old little creek in my city...

Your heartbeat.

I have listened to the world for so long
but the world never listened to me.
I have been a sybil for the Earth,
for the creatures,
for the people
but the people...
They just never hear.
Of all the languages this world speaks to me,
it seems I can quite master my own.
I doubt myself.

But in a seemingly meaningless swirl of smoke and bubbles,
I saw you.
I wasn't quite sure at first,
but I know now;
You saw me, too.

I speak and you hear me.
Not just the sound,
not just the dialect and the pitch and the waves...
You hear me.

Twenty-fours years of screaming and, just when I thought for certain my voice was lost,
I looked in your eyes and I knew - at long last - my voice had been heard.

don't stop listening.
I know I have so much to say
but I promise it's worth your time.
Listen to the lessons this world has taught me
and I promise to show you a world you never knew was there.
It's beautiful -
poetic, even.
Almost as beautiful and poetic
as the wild sound of your heart racing
when you tell me that
you love me.

My brave oracle,
my Thoth, my Prometheus, my Ganesha, my Mi-mir, my Apollo -
I love you, too.
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I'll never understand how so many people cannot value the same things I do as much as I do: Art, poetry, knowledge, adventure! So many seem so satisfied with complacency and mediocre lives. Everyone seems so willing to settle. I feel so different and strange compared to the majority of society. This world is so amazing, don't you want to experience it all? I do...

The Flame

Dec. 25th, 2016 02:35 am
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The entire sun within the smallest flame -
How can anyone behold such a light?
So simply complex, always overlooked.
The most phenomenal miracle, yet taken for granted.
No one stops to gaze within that small flame,
Time is too short for droll admiration.
A time where thinking is dangerous and annoying,
why ponder a flame?
Must keep moving, no time for pause.
Busy until the day we die.
One hundred years of living,
Until that flame stops burning.
Don’t surrender your chance
To witness the flame.
It’s everything.
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And I wonder, right now, who's out there.
Who is out there gazing at the stars?
Who is out their reflecting on their own souls?
Who is comparing the waves of the ocean to their emotions and their lives,
realizing that these waves that seem so large and powerful are but ripples in the vastness of the ocean?
Who are the dreamers, awake in their beds, lost in the power of their potential and their starving desire to make change?
Who are the wanderers, peaceful in the silent awe of the beauty of the world around them?
Who are the ones who share these pieces of my own heart, my own mind, my own soul?
Who are you?

Rat Race

May. 29th, 2015 01:43 am
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And it’s almost pathetic how you think you know me. You spent too much time with your nose buried in another world to even see me. You think you’ve got it all figured out. You silly soul. You’re so far behind, you think you’re in first place while everyone else is about to lap around you. Yet, I held back. I slowed my steps to match you. I made you feel like winner. I was ten laps ahead of you but lead you to believe we were on the same level. A few minutes later, you decided my presence unpleasant and pushed me to the side as you ran ahead. Now you think you’re the winner but, my dear, the race was over 5 laps ago.
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I never really got to say goodbye
And I never really did understand
And I just sat there on the floor
Staring at my bed
What’s funny
What’s really funny
Is I really believed in you
I looked into your eyes
At 3 in the morning
When all pretenses had faded
And it was all you
And, God, I loved you
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She stood on the roof
And peered out at the stars
Wondering, if she jumped,
If she’d make it back to Mars.
Is she a woman
Or maybe something else?
She never quite belonged
Or understood herself.
She closed her eyes and imagined
She’s from some other place,
An anomaly sent
From the other side of space.
She felt the stardust brush
Her fingers as she soared;
He saw her flying through the sky
And his faith was restored.
A feather from her wings
He hoped to steal
To prove to the world
That angels are real.
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I wonder if my words ever echo through your mind,
If a certain song comes on and you think of me…
Because I once told you
That’s the song I listen to
When I’m feeling broken
And alone
And real?
I wonder if you lay down to sleep
just as you close your eyes,
You remember I once laid there beside you
And you think about how perfect we were there,
In your bed,
Two pieces to a puzzle?
Do you ever shiver with cold
And remember how I would
Push myself as close as possible
To your body
As we slept
And my arms were so warm?
Do you ever walk into a kitchen
And remember the mess we made
And the fun we had
And the laughs we shared?
Do you ever hide away
In your room
As your inhibitions overwhelm you
And remember that,
Once upon a time,
You could call me
And open up your heart to me
And I would love you all the same?
When you go out
From bar to bar
And begin to wonder
About those strangers’ stares
And what they must be thinking of you,
Do you remember
How I accepted you,
Embraced you,
Supported you,
Lifted your spirits
To the stars?
And yet,
It wasn’t enough.
You poor fool.
No one
Will ever
Be enough
For you.
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Have I told you how beautiful your soul is?
You are so real, so genuine, so perfect - I can hardly fathom how someone like you can exist in a world ruled by tribulation.
You're against the laws of nature. I was raised by the universal rule "There is no such thing as perfect." Yet, here you are!
Mother Nature must be so bitter with you. How dare you?
I was so comfortable in my distrust of others. How dare you make me question that?
What a rebel you are.
I like you.
I love you.
I thank you,
because I'm this much better of a person for having met you.
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She always was a wild kind of thing.
She was a child of wonder, of existence, of scrapes and bruises.
Ambitious from the start, she felt the world was hers for the taking.
But, oh, how that world took her.
It beat her, cut her, tore her pages away piece by piece.
She came unbound.
She lost her stories and was left with blank pages.
Who am I?
I don't know.
Who am I?
Stop asking!
Who am I?
I am...unwritten.
Who am I?
I am...anything.
Who am I?
I am strength.
I have to be.
Pandora ripped out her own heart and sealed it up inside a box.
You don't belong anymore. You're no good to me now.
And, with a kiss, she hid it in cold darkness.
No one will ever find you here and I'll be safe.
Oh, but little girl, no one is safe from the world.
A grave robber stole that little girl's heart and held it ransom.
It was his favorite plaything and he kept it for many years until its very beating drove him to madness.
Take it! He cried. I can't hold it any longer! Take it!
He threw it out but she couldn't catch it in time. The box fell and shattered, leaving her heart in the open. Vulnerable.
She scrambled to pick it up but was too slow.
A man bent down and held it there in his hands curiously.
He looked at her but she hid her face in shame.
Guilt overwhelmed him and he tried to return it to her.
But it wasn't hers anymore. It was his. She couldn't grasp it.
Something about her caught him. So he held it there in his hands.
Slowly, she uncovered her face.
As her eyes looked into his, something caught her attention.
Something was sticking out from his a pocket. A letter? A page? A page!
She reached out to grab it and he put up no fight. He had nothing to hide.
It was a page from his own book looked so familiar.
The longer she looked, the more she remembered. She remembered a page of her own. The story so much the same.
She pulled out her broken binding to try to sneak the page into it but he caught her.
When he saw that broken bind, though, he felt a familiar kind of pain.
He took it gently and placed his page inside.
It's yours now. They're all yours now.
He reached into a bag hanging from his shoulder and pulled out his own battered binding. His pages were there but they were torn and stained. But she thought them to be quite beautiful. She gently pulled it from his hand and read it page by page.
Who am I? he heard her whisper.
You're mine. he whispered back.
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What words can I speak that have not yet been spoken? Words feel so full of emotion in my mind but spill out from my mouth so empty. What can I tell you that others before me have not lied of? Perhaps, this is why I see so much value in silence. Silence never lies. There is nothing but your eyes on mine and they speak a language far truer than any of the tongue. It's like you see right through me and I can only hope, in that time, that you're seeing my best intentions - because that's all I have for you. And I'll let my walls down - just for a little while - for you, because I have nothing to hide besides my own vulnerability. I am open and honest and true. Cliché as it may sound, I'm not like the others. Although, that - I'm sure - you noticed some time ago. If ever a soul could be genuine, it would be mine. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to come across as immodest. I simply want you to understand who I am and what I stand for. I want you to see me for me.
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Lost at sea,
I see the shore!
Could this be the safety
I've been searching for?

An oasis in the desert:
Sweet salvation, I pray!
Stay in my sight, I beg thee
Please, do not fade away!

A light within this darkness;
Heaven out of hell.
Is this not
what I have sought?
It is too soon to tell.
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Oh, hey baby,
Wanna take over the world with me?
We're young and crazy,
so let's run free.
We're two of a kind -
we got this kinda power.
Just take my hand
and this world is ours.
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What a world this is!
A poetic tragedy!
Our very existence a contradiction;
As if our souls screamed
"I must exist! Nothing shall stop me! I must exist!"
Each breath we take is poetry;
each daydream, a miracle.
We are magnificent creatures
of love and sin.
Oh, what a world this is!
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I love parties and poetry, whiskey and wine.
My personality entirely depends on the time.
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She was in love
Yes, it's true
She loved him
He loved her, too
Their love was a battle
The world was at war
But they had both found
What they were searching for
They weren't giving up
No matter the cost
Their hearts were damaged
But the love wasn't lost
Some say destiny
is but a lie
But they loved each other
until the days that they died
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Are you the one my soul has been waiting for?
Oh, please tell me it’s true!
Tell me it’s you!
I have longed
For so long
To be longed for
The way that I have longed for you.
Say it’s true,
Say it’s true,
Say it’s true!
Say it’s you.
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She stood at the window
And watched the rain
And wondered if she’d ever
Feel whole again.
With each drop that fell
A tear followed suit
She was an angel
But he was a brute.
There was no time to think
No time to ask “Why”
She stepped on the window
And learned how to fly.
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This fire burns inside of me
This great power
This deep passion
But for what?
I don’t yet know.
I have caught glimpses
Of my destiny
In my dreams
Am I right for this journey?
I don’t yet know.
I feel so small
In a world where bigger
Is better
Can I be the best?
I don’t yet know.
But I will in time.
All great things come with time
And believe me
I will be great.


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