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Sometimes, I look down at how long my hair is - run my fingers through it to the very ends - and wonder how long it's been with me. How many years of life brush my shoulders every day? How many tears have rolled down these strands? How many times have I anxiously twirled my fingers around these locks in anticipation of seeing someone I loved? Perhaps my soul is far too sentimental but I guess I wouldn't have it any other way.

Poor Rose

Feb. 21st, 2014 08:32 am
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You are like a rose with a hundred thorns and ever-wilting petals. You could be so beautiful if only you would allow someone to tend to you - to love you. But the moment a gentle hands comes to caress you, you cut them. Poor rose, you will never know love.
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Such TERRIBLE news...
The world has lost a true hero - a genuinely amazing, kind-hearted man with nothing but golden intentions.
I hope he has and will continue to inspire new heroes to rise up and continue fighting the good battle for peace and equality.
Namaste, great hero. May you rest in peace...

I may add to this more later but, at the moment, I'm truly at a loss for words.
It's so hard to describe what a loss this is to our world.

BBC News Release of Nelson Mandela's passing:

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 Sometimes, I feel like I don't belong here. I see so much that others are so blind to. Not in the schizophrenic hallucinations and delusions sense, just patterns in society and, well, everything. I see patterns everywhere that so few others see and when I point them out, I am only given blank and confused stares in return. They don't understand - they can't. It's not within their capabilities. Even if they wanted to understand me - tried to understand me - they couldn't. Seeing so much - seeing so many faults and answers that sit within plan view to me yet out of sight to everyone else - hurts. It's driving me insane. It reminds me of Plato's Allegory of the Cave. I see the light but no matter how hard I try to explain it to those in the dark, they just can't comprehend it and they will never be able to see it. The only difference is I am now surrounded by these trapped people and, instead of being tied down, they're standing. They can move and escape, they just don't know it. They could leave this darkness behind but their minds just can't comprehend that. So they stand there around me - trapping me inside with them - as I gaze at the brilliant light and they stare mindlessly into the darkness. I feel so close to every being in this world yet they seem so distant from me. I feel their emotion and I feel their pain - I am aware of everyone and they seem aware of no one; no one but themselves.

I wish I could fly away - go to another world where everyone sees what I see and I am no longer surrounded by sheep.
No, I'm not saying I want to die - there's far too much I want to do with this miracle gift of life for that.
I just wish things were different.
But they're not.
I am Alice and I'm trapped in a messed up, modernized Wonderland.
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 We live in world where we murder to prove who's God is kindest,
a world where we value the trees less than the money made of their wood,
a world where we only care about children before they are born.
Some cry for angels and the angels rush to the pleas
but the angels see the corruption and off again they flee.
We live in a world where we are more angered by cruel words than great massacres,
a world where we care more about the economy of the country than the lives of the world,
a world where those who fight for peace are mocked and forgotten but those who lie for power are loved and immortalized.
Some sing for brotherhood but the tune is lost in war;
we've all been fighting for so damn long, we forgot what we're fighting for.

- Jordyn Mart

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Today is an exceptionally sad day for the citizens of the United States - especially for the citizens of Boston, MA.
Today, two explosions were set off at the finish line of a Boston marathon, murdering 3 and injuring more than 140 innocent people.

CNN News Story:

In response, the Westboro Baptist Church announced their plans to picket the funerals of those innocent people who lost their lives, proclaiming the following...

Let me say this loud and clear:
No God - who created our universe and all of us so lovingly and delicately and perfectly - would ever destroy so many lives because they obtained the freedom to love and marry equally. Marriage is a creation of man - not of God. God does not care what licensing you have with a government - all God cares about is LOVE. God IS love. If you believe, for even a second, that a God who takes care of everything in existence would destroy a single life of its own creation for such shallow reason, you are no better than the individuals who set those bombs. I pray the Light finds a way to your heart and Enlightens your mind, for you are so lost and blind that you mistake the darkness surrounding you for light and the lies in your mind for truth.

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Emotions are crazy things. They are both a blessing and a challenge to us all. We all may handle them in different ways but it is a battle nonetheless. Sometimes we love our emotions and sometimes we wish we didn't have any at all. Sometimes we embrace our emotions, other times we don't even understand how or why they came to be. Some people hide them, some fight them, and some let them take over completely. They are a core part of our being. Without them, could we even be human? It is our emotions that create our greatest accomplishments as well as our greatest tragedies. Our existence consists of countless paradoxes and one of the greatest of them are emotions. I feel we too often forget this. We take our emotions for granted, never look deep within ourselves to understand them - we toss them back in our minds like unwanted junk mail or hoard them inside our hearts like maniacs. Perhaps it is time to stop simply accepting the existence of emotions and instead begin trying to truly understand them - begin trying to truly understand ourselves.
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The universe is quite the same as a good parent. It may force you to go through difficult times and tasks but only for your own good. When something goes wrong and you're asking "Why? Why me?" know that it's because this world truly does love you and this is something your soul needs. We humans are really still much like children. Something interferes with our plans or our dreams and we throw temper-tantrums. Some question go so far as to question the existence of a greater power. I see this as the equivalent of a child who isn't getting their way and screams "You're not my mommy!" Well, my friends, the universe is your mommy and, whether you like it or not, she's going to do everything she can in her limitless power to ensure you receive everything you need in life. Some lessons are harder learned than others but don't worry - if you fail a test, mother nature will be sure to give you unlimited chances until you pass. This is why it sometimes seems like the same bad thing keeps happening over and over. It is. Realize that there is something in the situation that you're not understanding or something in your reactions that is incorrect and work from there. Soon enough, you'll find you've passed the test and will move on to your next experience. Fighting this, much like fighting your own mother, will only make your life harder. Accept her eternal love and care and let her guide you and care for you. The mere existence of life - something that even our highly advanced science and technology can still not comprehend or recreate - should be proof enough that she knows exactly what she's doing. <3


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