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You may think you're better off with your tech degree and big house compared to the "snowflakes" who studied liberal arts and are fighting for living wages right now but I have no regrets with the path I took for my education. My mind has been opened to reality at a far greater depth than I ever imagined possible before.
I have nothing against those who pursue technical degrees and am happy for my friends and family whom have succeeded with them but do not belittle others who have taken a different path.
It's becoming all too common seeing people with such degrees proclaiming we deserve to suffer for not getting a "real" education. Ironic, considering the degrees our nation's teachers hold are "liberal arts" degrees.
So while you may think you are the poster child for success upon your high horse, know that what you truly have is a very big and pretty castle in a very small and clouded fishbowl.
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Such TERRIBLE news...
The world has lost a true hero - a genuinely amazing, kind-hearted man with nothing but golden intentions.
I hope he has and will continue to inspire new heroes to rise up and continue fighting the good battle for peace and equality.
Namaste, great hero. May you rest in peace...

I may add to this more later but, at the moment, I'm truly at a loss for words.
It's so hard to describe what a loss this is to our world.

BBC News Release of Nelson Mandela's passing:

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Every day on the news, I hear of new mass shootings, murders, rapes, and crimes of all kinds.
Some cry for the weapons to be taken away - take the guns, take the knives, take it all! But the guns and knives would only be taken from those who obey the law. It is not law-abiders who commit the crimes. Those who commit crimes do not respect the system, they do not respect society - they do not respect anyone. They are lost, they sick, they are mislead. They believe their violence is the means to an end - perhaps an end to suffering, an end to their outrage, and end to something they feel is wrong or unjust, or even an end to their own lives.
When we take the guns and knives from those who abide the law - the good people - they are left unarmed and unable to defend themselves while those who break the laws and acquire these items illegally rampage through homes and crime rates sky-rocket.
When we blame the guns and the knives, we are only blaming a piece of the problem instead of looking to and treating the source.
The source of this problem is at the very source of ourselves. It is the soul and the mind.
How often do you stop to think: "What happened in this person's life that lead to this? What created this monster inside of them?"
Perhaps it is mental illness - something that many lower- to middle-class families can not afford to get help for. Perhaps it is lack of education and therefore these poor people never stood a chance in the world to begin with - and probably knew it, too. They felt that had nothing to lose when they committed these crimes. Again, this is something that many from the lower- and even middle-class can not afford to get help with. So, of course, it's no surprise that crime more often rips through lower- and middle-class communities and cities as opposed to upper-class communities.
How often, though, has this been addressed on the news? I've never seen it yet. All I see is weapon-blaming.
What this world needs is not more weapon control - what this world needs is more help to those who so desperately need it!
Educate the children, care for the bodily and mentally ill, and teach children to continue this process. Teach them to care and look out for each other. Teach them to help those in need and to work together for the greater good.
Right now, we live in a dog-eat-dog world. This is because children are being raised in an environment where they are taught from a young age that they need to look for themselves first and everyone else comes second. There should be no second. When people come in second, they feel worthless, helpless - they feel they have nothing to lose. They are left out of care, left out of valuable education.
However, if we raise our children to believe that there is only ONE way to live - to care for each other as number one because we are all one - these problems will cease. If there are people in need, the community will come together to their rescue. There will be no debates - no "What's in it for me?" There will only be love and compassion. That is what the world needs.

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There is tons of information for teens about how to avoid abusive relationships but next to NO information on what real love and healthy relationship are and what it takes to build that. The youth of society are building relationships on false impressions they've learned through fairy-tale movies and it seems no adults or organizations are taking the stand to change that. You shouldn't have to wait until a college relationships class to learn about and understand relationships - that should be required in middle school and high school! Maybe if kids were taught from the beginning about what love REALLY is and how to build a healthy relationship, our nation's divorce rates wouldn't be so ridiculous.

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If we want to change society - if we want to change the WORLD, we must change how we educate our youth. We are not the ones who hold the power of the future in our hands - they are. It is our duty to ensure every single child is educated and prepared to save our world. Teach them to be robots in a classroom - accepting and regurgitating the information they're given without questioning it and that is exactly what they will be as adults. Robots who go through the motions and accept the media without question. We must raise our children to question everything - submerge them in hands-on learning that forces them to THINK, not just memorize pointless pieces of information that they'll forget within a week or two. We must engrave in them a deep desire to understand and learn - we must fill them with a never-ending thirst for knowledge. When we educate our children in this way, our world will bound ahead in ways we have never even imagined. It all begins with the children. It must always begin with the children.

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For years I have constantly sought to find the words to explain my thoughts to others. Some understand me while others never do and I frustrate myself and them to no end trying to make them understand.
However, it was I all along who needed to understand.
I understand now that - no matter how I word things - some minds just aren't ready for the information I, myself, have begun to understand.
It's like trying to fill a 1-cup pitcher with 1 gallon of water - it just won't work and that's ok.
Thank you, universe, for providing this experience so many times so that I could finally learn this lesson.
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An Islam hate page was recently brought to my attention by a share on my homepage. Though I am not Islamic, I have several friends who are and, though I disagree with many of the beliefs, I respect everyone's right to their own beliefs. My first thought was to send the page owner a nasty message but I quickly admitted to myself that that would do no good. If anything, it would only fuel the flame to their hatred. So, instead, I sent them the following message. I hope that my response will inspire all of you to take a similar path when you come across a page or individual spreading information you strongly disagree with. Violence and negativity will always get you nowhere but, sometimes, a little maturity and respect will get you a long way. This is the message I sent them...
"This page is horribly offensive to millions of people. Everyone has a right to their own beliefs. On top of your offensive page, you clearly do not even understand Islam. You seem to believe the extremists represent the religion as a whole and you could not be more wrong. I, myself, am not Islam but I have many friends who are. I have learned a great deal about the religion through my friends and from taking classes about it in college. Your page is terrible misrepresentation of Islam and religion in general. There are many things in many religions that I disagree with but creating pages that offend millions of people is NOT the way to solve the problem; all that does is create more hatred and tension. I am not a religious person - I am a spiritualist. I do not follow Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, or any religion. However, I respect everyone's right to their own beliefs - whether I agree with them or not. If you believe someone believes wrongly then post about your own beliefs and perhaps you will find that you share more beliefs in common than you would have originally thought. Finding common ground is the best way to spread peace - not creating more ground in-between the sides by spreading hatred.
I highly doubt you'll listen but I ask that you please remove this page.
I thank you for reading my message - whether you've been cursing me out this whole time or not.
I am sorry that events in your life have caused you to have such a great distaste for Islam and religion in general; Unfortunately, your page is doing the same thing to religious people. They see your page and grow a hatred for atheists.
If you want people to listen - find common ground and work from there. Otherwise, your page will only attract like-minded people and chase away religious folk, therefore gaining you no ground at all.
To top it all off, the title of your page is also horribly offensive to those who suffer from actual mental diseases. They see images of these terrible people and "mental disease" used in such a hateful way that it offends them as well.
I would hope that this just didn't occur to you when you created your page. I hope that you find better ways to share your beliefs. Spread your ideals of a better world - not your hate of a specific group of people. Show the wrongs of specific beliefs and better alternatives to those beliefs instead of just the religion in general. Then not only will like-minded atheists listen to you but members of the religion you have grown to despise so much will listen, too. They will no-longer feel offended by having their religion slammed against them but may see the wrongs in those certain beliefs you disagree with or at least agree with you on the better alternatives.
I'm not sure if you've read this whole message but if you have then I thank you and I hope you take at least some of my advice to heart.


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