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Sometimes I wish I could step out of this life and into another.
Let me be climbing a mountain somewhere in the wild or running barefoot through a stream in the middle of nowhere. Let me meditate in the mountains in the East. Let me brave the danger and beauty of the rainforest. Let me be somewhere, anywhere, on some great adventure that no one knows anything about.

Original: 9/20/2016 around 4:00pm
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How did our country go from seeking the promised land - built by immigrants and refugees - of freedom, equality, separation of the church and state, and justice to a land of fear-mongering, self-righteous indignation where racism has become a very part of our societal system and such a massive portion of our population believes we should force all followers of a particular religion to carry identification as evidence of such, and build a wall to separate ourselves from refugees and desperate families seeking a better life for their families? When did our country fall from from a land of heroes of humanity to a land of hypocrisy and ignorance?
We shake our heads and say "Never again" when learning of the Holocaust yet so many demand the same sort of discrimination and demonization of other religions and peoples that led to that very atrocity?
How can we stand here and say refugees and immigrants will be the destruction of our country when they are the very ones who quite literally founded and built our nation?
Worst of all, how can such a massive portion of our generation fail to see all of this?
What have we become?
It is not blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, homosexuals, or liberals that will destroy our country - it will be those who refuse to accept anything beyond their own hateful bias and judgmental mentality, who embrace self-promotion and reject any sort of community and empathy for all others - especially the less fortunate, who are too focused on taking all they can and resent any idea of sharing - like toddlers who scream and cry because they can not understand the importance of sharing, who vote into office those whose agendas are only to empower themselves and strip away the power of the people.
Rome did not fall because of the poor, the slaves, the homosexuals - Rome fell at the hands of greedy politicians who hoarded the resources of the land and allowed their empire to crumble as poverty spread and their citizens became violent in their desperation to survive and overpower all others because their sense of power of their own lives was systematically stripped away. Rome fell when it believed it was too great to fall and too ignorant to see its own mistakes and shortcomings.
If our country continues to repeat these same mistakes, the United States, too, shall fall.
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Just dance
And close my eyes
Move with the music
It’s my disguise

The beat, it pounds
In perfect rhythm
With my heart
Sweet synchronism

Tiny dancer
In the dark
The music wraps
Around my heart

Hold me close
Sweet, slow beats
And lift me up
As I move my feet

Let me lose
My mind tonight
My soul is free
All is right
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A free, war-free world IS possible, my friends. The only reason you don't believe me is because you've been raised not to. Every year you spent in school, you were taught that freedom is called Anarchy and is a terrible mistake. They teach you that it's impossible to live in a free world, that big government is necessary. Yet all we need to do to disprove that is look back to the Native Americans. Some tribes were massive in size yet the only government they had was their Chief and their ELDERS. They were lead by only the wisest of their people - not the richest. They were very free people who respected the land and their connections with it. They learned to heal by using natural remedies - not by manufactured drugs with deadly side-effects. They fed from the land and thrived from it. Cancer, heart-attacks, diabetes - all of these disease were unheard of. Why? Because they were not putting the deadly chemicals and processed foods into their bodies that we do today. They ate the diet human beings are naturally designed to eat. They were healthy, they were happy, and they were free. Until big government came.
Learn true history, my friends, and you will find the truth for yourselves.
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The Tao and The Nature of Confusion
Waking Times

"We live in a complex world and simplicity is often difficult to come by. This is especially so in the world of intangible ideas about things such as the future. What the world should look like tomorrow.

In seeking to manifest tomorrow, we participate in politics, religion, civics, activism, evangelism and so on, consuming ourselves with outwardly organizational efforts to tweak the future to our liking. Virtuous as it may be to volunteer, stump, debate and donate, the genuine source of our societal problems goes overlooked by most.

The true nature of mankind can not be hidden from time. The Tao Teh Ching effectively captured the truest essence of human nature 2500 years ago, and returning to its simple wisdom can help us to overcome the confusion about the nature of our world.

The deep insights offered by this timeless text shows us how can genuinely affect change in this world. And that is by addressing the root of our problems: the self.

Ponder this beautiful passage from the Tao Te Ching, #38:

One of subtle universal nature
is not conscious of being virtuous,
therefore, he is truly virtuous.

One of partial virtue attempts to live up to
an external standard of virtue.

Therefore, he is not truly virtuous.

One of whole virtue does not need to do anything
in order to be virtuous,
because virtue is the very essence
of one’s true nature.

But, one of partial virtue believes that something
must be done in order to prove that he is virtuous.

Thus, partial virtue becomes prevalent
when people fail to follow their own true nature.

Benevolence becomes prevalent
when people fail to be naturally kind.

Etiquette becomes prevalent
when people fail to be righteous and considerate.

When people find no response with etiquette,
they roll up their sleeves
and force others to respond to them.

When people stray from the subtle way of universal nature,
they can no longer perceive their own true nature.

Thus, they emphasize relative virtue.

When natural virtue is lost,
society depends on the doctrine of humanism.

When natural virtue is lost,
society depends on the doctrine of humanism.

When humanity becomes corrupted,
social and religious teachings appear
and become powerful forces.

When social and religious teachings become corrupted,
what is left behind is the empty shell
of superficial ceremonies and artificial etiquette.

When etiquette is emphasized,
it is because people lack the simple qualities
of fairness and kindness.

This is the starting point of people of confusion.

All of these man-made, partial virtues
are merely superficial flowers, a false nature.

When people begin to move away
from their own true nature,
it is the beginning of hypocrisy.

Clarity comes in simple packages."

My response:
Some days I feel so wise and others I feel so lost. Then I come across things like this. I over-think so much of this world - focus on all the complexities - and lose sight of what really matters.
Happiness is so simple if we can only learn to let go of society and return to nature.
Too many of us die without ever living our dreams because we were tied down by school and work when all we needed to do was free ourselves from those shallow expectations and follow our dreams instead.
Sadly, we live in a world that makes it almost impossible to do this. We can not simply quit work and live freely. If you have no job, you have no money - if you have no money, you have no food. In today's world, you can not just walk out and hunt any time of the year.
Because of this, it will be a slower process to break free of society. We must take small steps - such as remembering to step outside and focus on all the beautiful things we can see/hear/smell/feel/taste outside. To literally stop and smell the roses. These may seem like simple tasks but they will be the first drops that will begin a ripple through society. As the ripple spreads, more people will begin to follow. Change will begin slowly, at first, but - with enough support - will grow more rapid over time.
We must all come together and fight for what is right - we must stop settling for "good enough" and accept only what is right to our souls.
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The Devil is the distractions. The day-to-day routine, the gossip, the drama, the jobs, the classes, the gas prices, the bills, the chores, the idea that we need to do certain things at certain times in life in order to enjoy the world - those are The Devil. The Devil is not a being living in a pit of flames, but rather the distractions from the truth that makes you burn through your existence without ever truly living. We are living in an amazing world with limitless possibilities but instead of enjoying this fantastic planet we all live on, we go through our days in a routine that no one has set but ourselves. We are trained as children that if anyone is to go outside those routines, they are to be considered crazy outcasts and are to be treated as such, therefore setting the precedent.
Take a look around - does this world look like what you really, truly think it should look like? I should hope not. Even a blind man could see that this world is all wrong. The wards, the famine, the hunger, the disease, the poverty, the stress, the pain, the suffering - all of it brought upon ourselves. We have the man-power to make a drastic change right here, right now but no one will. Why? Because we all share the same fear that we will become outcasts and fail. We all share the same core goals - to be happy, the be healthy, to enjoy life. We share countless things in common yet it is that one common fear that holds us back from obtaining all those common desires. That, my friends, is the power of The Devil. We are all distracted by this idea that we have to follow a certain pattern to be happy and anyone who falls outside tat pattern must suffer. It is time for each and every one of to stop the routine, turn off the television, and sit and think about your life. What's really, truly real? Are you really happy? Is this really what you want to be doing with the comparatively short life we all live on this ancient and amazing planet? Do you really want to be sitting on a couch watching images of what's out there or do you want to be the one out there truly experiencing it? Stop settling for good enough and fight for what you know we ALL deserve! Set aside your differences and realize that we all just want to be happy - we all just want to be FREE! Understand the true power each and every one of you posses and step forward to make the change that this world desperately needs. WAKE UP.


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