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"What is your greatest goal in life?"
I want to live and I want it to matter.
God, I want my life to matter!
I've but a speck of an existence in a world so big, no mind can comprehend it, and I want this speck of an existence to shine the biggest, brightest flash that even the Sun itself may feel a moment of uncertainty at the beauty of its own glow.
I don't want to rest my eyes in the cold comfort of knowing I was somewhat accepted by the general society and managed to make it out in old age and afford a pretty enough casket.
I want my spirit to fly as far across the reaches of this planet as my life allows me to afford, I want my eyes to drink in the wild beauty of this paradise until they're drowning. I am starving for adventure and memories, dying to live!
Am I really so alone in this?

Original: August 25th, 2015
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Sometimes, I look down at how long my hair is - run my fingers through it to the very ends - and wonder how long it's been with me. How many years of life brush my shoulders every day? How many tears have rolled down these strands? How many times have I anxiously twirled my fingers around these locks in anticipation of seeing someone I loved? Perhaps my soul is far too sentimental but I guess I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Nov. 18th, 2014 02:59 pm
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I see shadows in your eyes
But I wanna be your light
And I'll take your hand
If you'll take mine

I'll hold you close to me
And I will help you see
Just how wonderful life can be
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Have I told you how beautiful your soul is?
You are so real, so genuine, so perfect - I can hardly fathom how someone like you can exist in a world ruled by tribulation.
You're against the laws of nature. I was raised by the universal rule "There is no such thing as perfect." Yet, here you are!
Mother Nature must be so bitter with you. How dare you?
I was so comfortable in my distrust of others. How dare you make me question that?
What a rebel you are.
I like you.
I love you.
I thank you,
because I'm this much better of a person for having met you.
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How can I ever believe anything to be true when my life has been nothing but lies?
Oh, but you make me want to believe.
When I look in your eyes, I see a sort of playful innocence that makes me fall for you over and over again.
As much pain as you've suffered, yet that child within you still lives on.
I thought with some certainty that I'd lost mine long ago - that she finally gave in to her impulse and ran away like she'd dreamt of for so long.
But in that time spent with you, I caught a glimpse of her within those tall trees and in the reflection of that clear mountain water.
I'd forgotten what she looked like: like rays of sunshine and big smiles and skipping feet.
I'd forgotten what she sounded like: like birdsong and laughter and calm sighs.
But there she was.
I guess she just needed a playmate.

Will you run away with me?
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She always was a wild kind of thing.
She was a child of wonder, of existence, of scrapes and bruises.
Ambitious from the start, she felt the world was hers for the taking.
But, oh, how that world took her.
It beat her, cut her, tore her pages away piece by piece.
She came unbound.
She lost her stories and was left with blank pages.
Who am I?
I don't know.
Who am I?
Stop asking!
Who am I?
I am...unwritten.
Who am I?
I am...anything.
Who am I?
I am strength.
I have to be.
Pandora ripped out her own heart and sealed it up inside a box.
You don't belong anymore. You're no good to me now.
And, with a kiss, she hid it in cold darkness.
No one will ever find you here and I'll be safe.
Oh, but little girl, no one is safe from the world.
A grave robber stole that little girl's heart and held it ransom.
It was his favorite plaything and he kept it for many years until its very beating drove him to madness.
Take it! He cried. I can't hold it any longer! Take it!
He threw it out but she couldn't catch it in time. The box fell and shattered, leaving her heart in the open. Vulnerable.
She scrambled to pick it up but was too slow.
A man bent down and held it there in his hands curiously.
He looked at her but she hid her face in shame.
Guilt overwhelmed him and he tried to return it to her.
But it wasn't hers anymore. It was his. She couldn't grasp it.
Something about her caught him. So he held it there in his hands.
Slowly, she uncovered her face.
As her eyes looked into his, something caught her attention.
Something was sticking out from his a pocket. A letter? A page? A page!
She reached out to grab it and he put up no fight. He had nothing to hide.
It was a page from his own book looked so familiar.
The longer she looked, the more she remembered. She remembered a page of her own. The story so much the same.
She pulled out her broken binding to try to sneak the page into it but he caught her.
When he saw that broken bind, though, he felt a familiar kind of pain.
He took it gently and placed his page inside.
It's yours now. They're all yours now.
He reached into a bag hanging from his shoulder and pulled out his own battered binding. His pages were there but they were torn and stained. But she thought them to be quite beautiful. She gently pulled it from his hand and read it page by page.
Who am I? he heard her whisper.
You're mine. he whispered back.
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I seek not perfection. I see beauty in the broken pieces. Show me your scars and I'll show you mine. That's where the real beauty lies - behind every lie you've ever spoken, within every tear in your heart, inside every lost dream. That's what makes us human. We are so aware of everything - every broken heartbeat, every quiet tear that rolls down our cheeks, every lonely night and cold morning. Our mere existence is so profound, our minds can hardly begin to grasp it. But try. Try for me. Tell me what you think at night as you lie alone in bed. Whisper your dreams to me: the ones you've lost and the ones you still desperately cling to. Tell me who you've loved, who broke your heart, who gives you hope, who lifts your soul. Show me the bruises, speak to me of every fall you've taken and stair you missed. Show me just how real you because right now you seem so like a dream.
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Lost at sea,
I see the shore!
Could this be the safety
I've been searching for?

An oasis in the desert:
Sweet salvation, I pray!
Stay in my sight, I beg thee
Please, do not fade away!

A light within this darkness;
Heaven out of hell.
Is this not
what I have sought?
It is too soon to tell.
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I wish everyone could experience the world the way that I do. When I reach out to touch the Earth's soil or a tree's trunk, I feel the life flowing inside. When I look into the eyes of an animal, I see another intelligently conscious being staring back at me. The life of every living being from plant to creature is a precious miracle to me. I see myself surrounded by miracles every day of my life and I truly love each and every one of these miracles. To be filled with such a vast love is simply indescribable. Some people find this ridiculous and mock me for it - especially those moments when I'm scrambling to save a tiny bug from being killed. They think I'm being childish for caring about something that consider so insignificant. But no life, in my eyes, is insignificant. Our lives have no more value than any other living being's. The most frustrating part is many of those who mock me call themselves Christians. The Bible itself stresses the equality of all beings and mankind's duty to protect all other life on this planet. In fact, that belief is spread across almost - if not entirely - all of the world's major religions. Egocentrism takes so much happiness out of one's life. Many people will never understand the rewarding feeling of saving the life of a creature who can't help itself - no matter how small. Next time you find a little critter - even a bug - in your house, don't kill it. Remind yourself that it is a conscious being - it feels pleasure and pain just as you do. It is a creature of God, just like you. Religious or not, remember a time in your life when you felt small and vulnerable and needed help. Then, instead of killing it, take the few seconds to minutes of your life to scoop up the creature - be it in your hand or a container - and set it free back outside. Remind yourself that you just saved a life - you saved a creature from death and gave it a second chance just like you've been given second chances in your life - and feel a sort of happiness and pride you may have never felt before. That kind of happiness is addicting and can be found in no other way. Give yourself the opportunity to experience the world like I do and embrace the love and happiness of life.
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Use your words!
I beg of you,
speak with me
of taboo things;
of the mystery
of the moon,
of the universe,
of life.
Tell me your dreams,
show me your soul.
Speak with words
of beauty
and grace
and eloquence.
Touch my spirit,
kiss my soul,
all with your words.
Use your words.
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Gentle waves,
take me in.
I am lost at sea.

Straight through the storm
To the calm, peaceful shores -
to where I am meant to be.

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Just dance
And close my eyes
Move with the music
It’s my disguise

The beat, it pounds
In perfect rhythm
With my heart
Sweet synchronism

Tiny dancer
In the dark
The music wraps
Around my heart

Hold me close
Sweet, slow beats
And lift me up
As I move my feet

Let me lose
My mind tonight
My soul is free
All is right
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Are you the one my soul has been waiting for?
Oh, please tell me it’s true!
Tell me it’s you!
I have longed
For so long
To be longed for
The way that I have longed for you.
Say it’s true,
Say it’s true,
Say it’s true!
Say it’s you.
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We are like two flowers
Growing from a crack
In the concrete
Rising above the adversity
Of crushing feet
That tear apart our petals
Like fists
Upon our faces
Above the pollution of the city
That poisons our stems
Like cruel words
That poison our dreams
Where so many others
Gave in to the pain
We kept growing
We will never give up
We will never give in
We are too beautiful
To be destroyed
Too pure
To be stained
We are gentle fighters
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Please convince me
I want to believe so badly
That everything will work out
That the world can be kind
That I can trust you
That true love exists
That forever means something
That unconditional is possible
That I’ll get my happily ever after
I want to believe so badly
Please convince me
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This fire burns inside of me
This great power
This deep passion
But for what?
I don’t yet know.
I have caught glimpses
Of my destiny
In my dreams
Am I right for this journey?
I don’t yet know.
I feel so small
In a world where bigger
Is better
Can I be the best?
I don’t yet know.
But I will in time.
All great things come with time
And believe me
I will be great.
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Emotions are the most powerful force in the universe; sometimes so strong, in fact, that words could never begin to grasp the very concept of them. We feel so much in our hearts that our minds scramble to decode. Sometimes we understand it - sometimes we understand ourselves - but, I think, most times we don't. Our emotions come and go like the tide and we are forced to go with flow. I've learned, with time, that fighting the water only gets you nowhere fast. It wears you down and, if you're not careful, you risk drowning. Breathe in deep, surrender yourself to it - to that which you fear most - and just let the current take you.
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I am a sculpture.
Every day of my life,
I feel my experiences
chipping away the grime
of biases
and opinions
and judgments
that drenched my being
since the day I was born.
Every day of my life,
I become purer
and wiser
and cleaner -
I become a greater person.
Every day of my life,
I learn
and I grow
and I fight
to be the best me that I can be.
I chisel away the rough edges
and smooth out the deep lines
cut into my soul
by cruel strangers
by lost friends
by mislead family
and I begin break free.
I'm starting to see,
through the cracks
and the dust
and unfinished ends
the true me peeking through.
I am a work in progress.

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I found this online and wanted to share. Not sure who the original author is...

"Everyone who terrifies you is sixty-five percent water.
And everyone you love is made of stardust.
And I know sometimes you cannot even breathe deeply,
And the night sky is no home, and
you have cried yourself to sleep enough times
that you are down to your last two percent, but

nothing is infinite,
not even loss.

You are made of the sea and the stars, and one day
you are going to find yourself again."

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Emotions are crazy things. They are both a blessing and a challenge to us all. We all may handle them in different ways but it is a battle nonetheless. Sometimes we love our emotions and sometimes we wish we didn't have any at all. Sometimes we embrace our emotions, other times we don't even understand how or why they came to be. Some people hide them, some fight them, and some let them take over completely. They are a core part of our being. Without them, could we even be human? It is our emotions that create our greatest accomplishments as well as our greatest tragedies. Our existence consists of countless paradoxes and one of the greatest of them are emotions. I feel we too often forget this. We take our emotions for granted, never look deep within ourselves to understand them - we toss them back in our minds like unwanted junk mail or hoard them inside our hearts like maniacs. Perhaps it is time to stop simply accepting the existence of emotions and instead begin trying to truly understand them - begin trying to truly understand ourselves.


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