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I'll never understand how so many people cannot value the same things I do as much as I do: Art, poetry, knowledge, adventure! So many seem so satisfied with complacency and mediocre lives. Everyone seems so willing to settle. I feel so different and strange compared to the majority of society. This world is so amazing, don't you want to experience it all? I do...
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We are like two flowers
Growing from a crack
In the concrete
Rising above the adversity
Of crushing feet
That tear apart our petals
Like fists
Upon our faces
Above the pollution of the city
That poisons our stems
Like cruel words
That poison our dreams
Where so many others
Gave in to the pain
We kept growing
We will never give up
We will never give in
We are too beautiful
To be destroyed
Too pure
To be stained
We are gentle fighters
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This fire burns inside of me
This great power
This deep passion
But for what?
I don’t yet know.
I have caught glimpses
Of my destiny
In my dreams
Am I right for this journey?
I don’t yet know.
I feel so small
In a world where bigger
Is better
Can I be the best?
I don’t yet know.
But I will in time.
All great things come with time
And believe me
I will be great.

Tell Me

Feb. 5th, 2014 06:24 pm
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People say I’m a quiet person
But they simply don’t speak of the things I do
Tell me about your secrets
Your deepest desires
Your wildest dreams
Tell me all you've left unspoken
Tell me what you think
As you wake up in the morning
And lay down to sleep each night
Tell me where your mind wanders
When you’re weary or you’re bored
Tell me about the meaning of life
Or your perception of this world
This galaxy
This universe
Tell me of all these great white elephants
Tell me everything
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It's all about keeping up appearances. That's what life is. Living out your wildest dreams while bottling it up in the image of a perfectly quiet no one. You do the day-to-day, you sit at the desk, you go through the motions. But your mind is elsewhere. We are the only ones in the world who know who we truly are. It's kind of wonderful, isn't it? What are we hiding behind those quiet smiles and blank stares? So many brilliant stories that will never be told. People are like books that few can read and even fewer can understand.
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You exist.
Take a moment out of your day and think about that.
Look around you at this world - at the trees blowing in the wind, watch you move your own arm, flex your hand, take a deep breath.
You exist.
Let that sink in.
Too many people take life for granted and never take a single moment to realize the true miracle that is themselves and their own life.
Every breath you take is a miracle of nature.
Your thoughts, your dreams, your goals - all are miracles.
Science can tell us where those come from - the brain - but it can't tell us why.
You and me - we're miracles. According to science, the possibility of our existence and the intricacy of our universe is almost - if not entirely - impossible.
And, yet, here we are.
A tiny speck of dust in a vast and seemingly empty and lifeless vortex of space and time.
Suddenly your problems fade away into the back of your mind. They seem so small. They are small. We are but particles on a speck of dust.
But we're here. We exist. We think, we breathe, we feel.
Just think about that.

What if...?

Apr. 6th, 2013 07:29 pm
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What if when we die, we wake up? What if this is all a dream? You can say you can tell the difference between life and dreaming - you can say you're more conscious when you're awake. But what if the dreams you're comparing "life" to are really a dream within this dream and our senses just grow weaker the deeper we're dreaming?
When I become conscious in my dreams, I feel out of place.
Those of us here who are "waking up" in this life feel out of place.
What if life is literally made of conscious levels and when we die, we wake in the next level?

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Sometimes I get mad at people and find it hard to remember how, deep inside, we're all really the same. We all have dreams, we all love, and we all hurt. Sometimes, though, it's easy for all of us to forget that. That is until you see something like this. I couldn't stop crying while watching this - I've never been more moved by, of all things, a YouTube video. But you will be, too. Trust me - just watch.

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Our lives are no different than our dreams. Knowingly or not, we create our own destinies and our own dreams. Sometimes, the experiences are not always what we think we want them to be, yet somewhere deep in our soul we have always known that that is exactly what we need to grow. Every experience, every dream, is message from our souls. If we don't remember this, we lose sight of the connections in the world and become caught up in a seemingly never-ending chaos. Many try to argue with destiny, claiming "God" gave us free will. These people don't understand that our destiny was created by our own free will - we just don't remember that right now. Trust yourself and pay attention to every experience and every dream you encounter. They exist for a reason; They are your stepping stones to a great world, a greater dimension. They are there to lift you up, not to cause you to fall down. It's much the same as climbing a mountain: If you pay close attention to each step, you will climb further and further up the mountain until you reach that great peak. However, if you lose focus and allow yourself to become distracted, you will trip upon every neck rock in your path and continue to fall further and further to the bottom. Keep sight of life, pay attention to everything your life and your dreams have to tell you, and hold faith in yourself and your destiny. We are all headed for great things.


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