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We're beautiful abominations. We're not quite right, we're far from perfect. But aren't we a gorgeous tragedy? Amazing how such a terrible world can somehow sculpt such beautiful souls. Surrounded by ugly hate, love somehow still blossoms. We may be made up of broken pieces and scarred bruises but, oh, we're all one of a kind. Our demons and angels, they're one and the same; Yea, they're who we are inside. We're a little bit of both so let's dance with our demons while our angels play the horns. Let's relish in every moment of insanity, embrace every eccentric piece of ourselves, and laugh ourselves to sleep. Yes, thank God, we'll never be normal. We are wild things.
(September 7th, 2014)
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Emotions are the most powerful force in the universe; sometimes so strong, in fact, that words could never begin to grasp the very concept of them. We feel so much in our hearts that our minds scramble to decode. Sometimes we understand it - sometimes we understand ourselves - but, I think, most times we don't. Our emotions come and go like the tide and we are forced to go with flow. I've learned, with time, that fighting the water only gets you nowhere fast. It wears you down and, if you're not careful, you risk drowning. Breathe in deep, surrender yourself to it - to that which you fear most - and just let the current take you.
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Sometimes I lose control of my emotions and become so unbelievably enraged with ignorant individuals. Individuals who allow their emotions to block their minds and withhold themselves from logical thinking. Individuals who form opinions and place votes that will effect the entire country without doing anything research. To me, that is like jumping off a plane and pulling millions of people with you because you THINK there's a parachute on your back, though you never actually check. Not only are you endangering yourself but you are endangering the lives of others.

But then I calm myself and remember that our world still has millions - billions, perhaps - of years left to live and those young and naive souls still have time to learn. Though it still hurts me that others will suffer from their close-mindedness, I understand that it is out of my control and all I can do is have faith that their souls will grow in time...

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Emotions are crazy things. They are both a blessing and a challenge to us all. We all may handle them in different ways but it is a battle nonetheless. Sometimes we love our emotions and sometimes we wish we didn't have any at all. Sometimes we embrace our emotions, other times we don't even understand how or why they came to be. Some people hide them, some fight them, and some let them take over completely. They are a core part of our being. Without them, could we even be human? It is our emotions that create our greatest accomplishments as well as our greatest tragedies. Our existence consists of countless paradoxes and one of the greatest of them are emotions. I feel we too often forget this. We take our emotions for granted, never look deep within ourselves to understand them - we toss them back in our minds like unwanted junk mail or hoard them inside our hearts like maniacs. Perhaps it is time to stop simply accepting the existence of emotions and instead begin trying to truly understand them - begin trying to truly understand ourselves.


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