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I wonder if my words ever echo through your mind,
If a certain song comes on and you think of me…
Because I once told you
That’s the song I listen to
When I’m feeling broken
And alone
And real?
I wonder if you lay down to sleep
just as you close your eyes,
You remember I once laid there beside you
And you think about how perfect we were there,
In your bed,
Two pieces to a puzzle?
Do you ever shiver with cold
And remember how I would
Push myself as close as possible
To your body
As we slept
And my arms were so warm?
Do you ever walk into a kitchen
And remember the mess we made
And the fun we had
And the laughs we shared?
Do you ever hide away
In your room
As your inhibitions overwhelm you
And remember that,
Once upon a time,
You could call me
And open up your heart to me
And I would love you all the same?
When you go out
From bar to bar
And begin to wonder
About those strangers’ stares
And what they must be thinking of you,
Do you remember
How I accepted you,
Embraced you,
Supported you,
Lifted your spirits
To the stars?
And yet,
It wasn’t enough.
You poor fool.
No one
Will ever
Be enough
For you.
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What a tragic love story;
I love you and you can never know.

You are my moon, my stars, my sun.
More beautiful than the heavens,
The angels would bow before you.

Smile and the sky brightens,
Laugh and the gods bow before you,
Touch me and my soul is yours.

Do you not see what I would give you?
Take everything I have,
my money,
my heart,
I will give you my all.

But it is all for naught.
You must never know,
Or I will lose you forever.

I would rather have you as a friend
than nothing at all.

Forgive me.

Poor Rose

Feb. 21st, 2014 08:32 am
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You are like a rose with a hundred thorns and ever-wilting petals. You could be so beautiful if only you would allow someone to tend to you - to love you. But the moment a gentle hands comes to caress you, you cut them. Poor rose, you will never know love.
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When I meet someone new, I find it hard to restrain myself to common topics such as "What's your favorite music? What television shows do you watch? What are some of your favorite songs?" What I desperately crave to ask is "What have you suffered in life? What battle is raging on inside your heart? How did you become the person you are today?" I want to look into their eyes and crawl through to the core of their being and truly know them. To me, each human life is a precious story just waiting to be told; every person is an unwritten book.


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