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I'll never understand how so many people cannot value the same things I do as much as I do: Art, poetry, knowledge, adventure! So many seem so satisfied with complacency and mediocre lives. Everyone seems so willing to settle. I feel so different and strange compared to the majority of society. This world is so amazing, don't you want to experience it all? I do...
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"What is your greatest goal in life?"
I want to live and I want it to matter.
God, I want my life to matter!
I've but a speck of an existence in a world so big, no mind can comprehend it, and I want this speck of an existence to shine the biggest, brightest flash that even the Sun itself may feel a moment of uncertainty at the beauty of its own glow.
I don't want to rest my eyes in the cold comfort of knowing I was somewhat accepted by the general society and managed to make it out in old age and afford a pretty enough casket.
I want my spirit to fly as far across the reaches of this planet as my life allows me to afford, I want my eyes to drink in the wild beauty of this paradise until they're drowning. I am starving for adventure and memories, dying to live!
Am I really so alone in this?

Original: August 25th, 2015
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You exist.
Take a moment out of your day and think about that.
Look around you at this world - at the trees blowing in the wind, watch you move your own arm, flex your hand, take a deep breath.
You exist.
Let that sink in.
Too many people take life for granted and never take a single moment to realize the true miracle that is themselves and their own life.
Every breath you take is a miracle of nature.
Your thoughts, your dreams, your goals - all are miracles.
Science can tell us where those come from - the brain - but it can't tell us why.
You and me - we're miracles. According to science, the possibility of our existence and the intricacy of our universe is almost - if not entirely - impossible.
And, yet, here we are.
A tiny speck of dust in a vast and seemingly empty and lifeless vortex of space and time.
Suddenly your problems fade away into the back of your mind. They seem so small. They are small. We are but particles on a speck of dust.
But we're here. We exist. We think, we breathe, we feel.
Just think about that.


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