The Flame

Dec. 25th, 2016 02:35 am
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The entire sun within the smallest flame -
How can anyone behold such a light?
So simply complex, always overlooked.
The most phenomenal miracle, yet taken for granted.
No one stops to gaze within that small flame,
Time is too short for droll admiration.
A time where thinking is dangerous and annoying,
why ponder a flame?
Must keep moving, no time for pause.
Busy until the day we die.
One hundred years of living,
Until that flame stops burning.
Don’t surrender your chance
To witness the flame.
It’s everything.
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 You will never understand,
You will never see,
You will never really know
what it's like for me.
I see so much
that hides from your eyes,
I hear the silence
that's filled with lies.
I walk in crowds
but feel so alone.
Quiet in thought,
deep in my zone.
I could try to explain it,
I could go on and on.
Yet no one will hear
my quiet, wise song.
You see me as young
but my mind is so old.
Listen or not, though,
the truth will unfold.
You'll call me naive,
You'll say I don't know,
but just give it time -
my wisdom will show.
My words will prove true,
My voice will be heard.
Your hate will be looked on
as old and absurd.
The time isn't coming -
the time, friends, is now.
Just open your minds
and be one with the tao.

(Edited 9/6/2013 to correct typos)

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It is these quiet times - these silent nights - that bring me back to my own center. I feel so at peace with myself and this world. It is these quiet, peaceful times that make me wonder what the world would be like if everyone took moments like this to reflect on their lives and the world. I believe we distance ourselves too much from each other by passively accepting our existence as a whole instead of taking the time to sit back and appreciate it. When we never think about the lives of others or connect with our deeper selves, it becomes so much easier to be swayed by "evil" thoughts and commit crimes against humanity. But if you have taken the time to really open your mind to existence, suddenly it's not so easy to condemn the poor man who stole chips from a gas station. Suddenly, your wanders to that taboo place called "empathy" and you begin to imagine feeling overwhelming hunger. You imagine living in a shelter filled with noisy, dirty strangers or the cold, hard street. You imagine how hard it must be to get a job when you can not afford nice clothes for interviews and may not have your diploma because you had to drop out to try help support your poor family. Oh, suddenly it's so very hard to look at that poor man and think "He's just a filthy hobo." Suddenly, you feel his pain and your anger dissolves and all that is left is a desire to help and to heal. Imagine that on a large scale and watch the wars of the worlds dissolve away. Ego is the devil, my friends, but quiet times like these - they silence it. Finally, you have the opportunity to spend some quality time with your true self. Your kind self. Your loving self. Your self that is still filled with a childlike wonder of this incredible world and all of its mysteries. Your appreciative self. Get to know yourself, my friends. It is a relationship that will bring nothing but good - for yourself and the world.

Originally written at 1:09am - May 30th, 2013
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 Many ask me why I see "God" (or, in my more spiritual view, the great energy that created all of existence) as that of a feminine nature as opposed to masculine.
I ask you to look around your world - look at all the perfection: the precise laws of physics, the Fibonacci sequence, the genius of evolution, etc. When I see these things, I could only believe them to be created by a feminine force (note: I do not say a woman - I do not believe "God" is neither male nor female.) Such perfection must be the result of the greatest and purest power that exists in our world - love. And what greater, deeper love is there than that of a mother - the one who forms life and gives birth to great and precious miracles? Everything in our existence is such a great and precious miracle - every detail of our existence so precise and perfect - I can only conceive its conception from a deeply loving, caring, mothering force. Masculine forces are swift, reactive, rough - not at all what something so perfect and elegant requires to come into existence. No, such beauty, perfection, and precision must come from the careful and loving conception of a Mother.
I am not saying "God" is a woman or that "God" is not a man - simply that I believe "God" is a force and is a feminine (vs. masculine) one.

Google Chrome is amazing. I actually wrote this a few days ago but accidentally closed Chrome and thought it was gone forever. Then I came back to post and it asked me if I wanted to restore what I'd written. <3

- Edit 12/20/2013 -

Looking back on this, I see already I have grown.
The omniverse is neither solely feminine nor masculine. It is androgynous, a perfect balance of the two.

Yin and yang, female and male, feminine and masculine, water and fire, earth and wind.
It is when we upset this balance that our world falls into chaos and what a chaotic
world we have created for ourselves.
Will we ever find balance again?

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(The following is a spiritual poem, not written by myself. The author is unknown to me at this time.)
O Great Beloveds of the starry night
You who reign in all your seen and unseen glory
Come forth and share yourselves with me and to All That Is
Let it be known everywhere who you really are
For you are more ready then you believe yourselves to be
The closet is not as safe a place as the Grand Illusion has led you all to believe
Wake up!
Beloved sleepy ones
Wipe the dust from your eyes
And shake the cobwebs from your limbs
Believe me when I say that it's far wiser to correct a dissonant harmonic
Then to allow a symphony to play disunited
Therein lies your power
A secret revealed
The Heart
The greatest instrument that you can Feel
Is also the greatest instrument to Be
Yes, indeed!
Feeling is being
And being is knowing
And knowing is connecting
Merging in with Truth
I wonder to All
Can you value your uniqueness as part of the Whole?
Can you see your beauty in all your glory?
All of that which is in the likeness of the Unnameable One
Is reflected upon us with divine grace
Cloudy eyes shift to clear and all truth is thus revealed
Now try and go back into the self-enclosed proverbial closet
How do you feel?
Not so easy is it?
Or is it?
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Many people believe that we chose our parents in the spirit world in order to give ourselves the lives we would need to learn the lessons we've yet to learn. Sometimes, I can't help but wonder if I did not just choose my parents but, rather, this entire reality. Are all of you here simply because my soul believed this is what must be in order for me to learn all I must learn? Did we all create this reality together in order to teach each other? What a magnificent miracle life is! No matter how we were created or how our destinies were planned, you can not deny the insurmountable number of lessons life offers us. Every moment is a rush of emotions and sensations - every breath, thought, and heartbeat a miracle. Happiness, pain, joy, sadness, love - every emotion so strong and so fantastic, whether we realize it right now. Our spirits were born in a world of everything but, perhaps, it was so much that we never had the opportunity to experience any of it. How do you notice anything when everything is always exactly the same? Perhaps this is why we are here. We were created to feel every sensation, experience every emotion - but with only so much at a time so we could really take it in. I find myself looking at the world with a sense of wonder I have no felt since I was a small child. Every time I touch a tree, I envision the networks of veins within it and feel the life surging through it. Every time I watch a bird take flight, I am fascinated by the idea of how it must feel to leave the solid world beneath you and soar into a universe all your own. Every time I reach my hand into water, I allow myself to focus on and experience every stream of the current within it. Why did it take me so long to realize how fantastic this world is? How can we deny the existence of magic when it is obvious that we are surrounded by it - were created out of it! Do you not see it? Stop for a moment... Close your eyes, reach up and feel your heart beat. Combine the science of your body with the spiritual miracle of your life and then you'll feel it - the magic that is you.


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