Rat Race

May. 29th, 2015 01:43 am
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And it’s almost pathetic how you think you know me. You spent too much time with your nose buried in another world to even see me. You think you’ve got it all figured out. You silly soul. You’re so far behind, you think you’re in first place while everyone else is about to lap around you. Yet, I held back. I slowed my steps to match you. I made you feel like winner. I was ten laps ahead of you but lead you to believe we were on the same level. A few minutes later, you decided my presence unpleasant and pushed me to the side as you ran ahead. Now you think you’re the winner but, my dear, the race was over 5 laps ago.
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What a beautiful person you are, even beneath those rose lenses, when you show your true self. You are kind and gentle and loving. But be wary of those whom surround you, for they sway you so easily. Stand firm, hold your ground, be true to you. If that voice in your head begins to question your morality, it is time to begin self-reflection. Are you happy with this, where you are right now? What of your past; are you happy with the decisions you've made? Your future; are you happy with the decisions you are about to make? When your heart or mind feel disheveled, take time to pause. I think you forget, all too often, that this is even an option. You move like the river, in constant motion. Perhaps you fear the stillness will bring stagnation. But even the most powerful waves come to pause before receding into that great and powerful ocean. Take heed, for this is important.
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I believe we are all on our own individual path but many of us share a similar path as others. When we find these people, we tend to quickly become close friends. How could we not? They understand our struggles as they've gone through those same - or at least similar - struggles themselves. We share our knowledge of what we've learned from these struggles - or, rather, "lessons" as I believe they truly are - which helps us to more quickly pass the tests in life and move on to new lessons. We better our souls more quickly this way - together. This is why support groups are so successful. They are the meeting of multiple souls all on similar life paths who have all been through similar life lessons. However, everyone takes something different away from a lesson and by sharing these different perspectives, they all grow spiritually that much more.
For example, if five children are given a lesson about friendship in school, chances are they may all pass the test but each will have a different perspective on friendship and each will have different methodologies of how to learn and remember what they've been taught. If you sit them all down together and have them share these perspectives and methodologies, now they all know that much more. They are each pieces to a puzzle that make a whole when combined. Each knows a piece of information but when that information is shared they may all become experts - all through teamwork. Savvy?
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I can't believe I'm doing this but I'm about to go back on my own advice...
I tell people all the time to leave the past behind them and forget it - move on with their lives and focus on the now. I still believe that, for some, it is important to let the past go - but I realize you should never forget it. Once you have healed from your past, I believe it is important to look back on it and see what lessons there are there that you missed. I have learned so much from looking back on what I can remember from my past - things that, at that time, I was not yet spiritually mature enough to see or understand. Perhaps we do not have to keep reliving our pains until we learn our lesson if we can learn to, instead, look back on the past and learn our lessons from what we've already experienced. New and not yet experienced lessons still await us in our future, of course, but why should we waste our time in this life reliving lost lessons when we can find and learn them in our memories?
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For years I have constantly sought to find the words to explain my thoughts to others. Some understand me while others never do and I frustrate myself and them to no end trying to make them understand.
However, it was I all along who needed to understand.
I understand now that - no matter how I word things - some minds just aren't ready for the information I, myself, have begun to understand.
It's like trying to fill a 1-cup pitcher with 1 gallon of water - it just won't work and that's ok.
Thank you, universe, for providing this experience so many times so that I could finally learn this lesson.
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The universe is quite the same as a good parent. It may force you to go through difficult times and tasks but only for your own good. When something goes wrong and you're asking "Why? Why me?" know that it's because this world truly does love you and this is something your soul needs. We humans are really still much like children. Something interferes with our plans or our dreams and we throw temper-tantrums. Some question go so far as to question the existence of a greater power. I see this as the equivalent of a child who isn't getting their way and screams "You're not my mommy!" Well, my friends, the universe is your mommy and, whether you like it or not, she's going to do everything she can in her limitless power to ensure you receive everything you need in life. Some lessons are harder learned than others but don't worry - if you fail a test, mother nature will be sure to give you unlimited chances until you pass. This is why it sometimes seems like the same bad thing keeps happening over and over. It is. Realize that there is something in the situation that you're not understanding or something in your reactions that is incorrect and work from there. Soon enough, you'll find you've passed the test and will move on to your next experience. Fighting this, much like fighting your own mother, will only make your life harder. Accept her eternal love and care and let her guide you and care for you. The mere existence of life - something that even our highly advanced science and technology can still not comprehend or recreate - should be proof enough that she knows exactly what she's doing. <3


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