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It is these quiet times - these silent nights - that bring me back to my own center. I feel so at peace with myself and this world. It is these quiet, peaceful times that make me wonder what the world would be like if everyone took moments like this to reflect on their lives and the world. I believe we distance ourselves too much from each other by passively accepting our existence as a whole instead of taking the time to sit back and appreciate it. When we never think about the lives of others or connect with our deeper selves, it becomes so much easier to be swayed by "evil" thoughts and commit crimes against humanity. But if you have taken the time to really open your mind to existence, suddenly it's not so easy to condemn the poor man who stole chips from a gas station. Suddenly, your wanders to that taboo place called "empathy" and you begin to imagine feeling overwhelming hunger. You imagine living in a shelter filled with noisy, dirty strangers or the cold, hard street. You imagine how hard it must be to get a job when you can not afford nice clothes for interviews and may not have your diploma because you had to drop out to try help support your poor family. Oh, suddenly it's so very hard to look at that poor man and think "He's just a filthy hobo." Suddenly, you feel his pain and your anger dissolves and all that is left is a desire to help and to heal. Imagine that on a large scale and watch the wars of the worlds dissolve away. Ego is the devil, my friends, but quiet times like these - they silence it. Finally, you have the opportunity to spend some quality time with your true self. Your kind self. Your loving self. Your self that is still filled with a childlike wonder of this incredible world and all of its mysteries. Your appreciative self. Get to know yourself, my friends. It is a relationship that will bring nothing but good - for yourself and the world.

Originally written at 1:09am - May 30th, 2013
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I am not religious; however, I also do not hate God nor do I deny the existence of God. I am a Spiritualist (the belief system most people forget about because everyone thinks that the battle is religious vs Atheist - which I am clearly neither.) I believe we are all God - everything is God - and, therefore, to hate or deny God would mean that I hated my deepest and truest state of self or that I denied my own existence (and, therefore, the existence of anything).
This may make me a bit of a white elephant here but I feel all sides in this argument need to remember that everyone has their own beliefs - some that many even forget about - and that this separation and arguing is doing no good for anyone. A Christian can tell an Atheist why they should be Christian but the Atheist won't listen and an Atheist could tell a Christian why they should be Atheist but the Christian won't listen. These arguments do nothing but divide humanity more and more and create more and more anger and hate. It comes to a point in time - and I believe, after many centuries of war that now IS that time - that you realize no one is winning the battle, set down your arms and cease your words, and agree to disagree. We will all believe what we choose to believe. I am not saying that you can not teach others about your beliefs and why you believe what you do - but stop trying to force it on others and judge others because they think differently of you. That gets humanity nowhere other than into yet another war.

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Everyday I teach others about equality and love.
I watch their spirits grow and shine like the stars above.
I spread my love to all human beings - young, old, straight, LGBT.
I spread my love out to all and it echos back to me.
It's easy to feel so different and that difference makes us afraid,
but when you stop and think about it, we're really all the same.
Did you know the universe has a heartbeat? Did you know that plants feel pain?
It's time we all woke up and started protecting our world again.
Christians believe man was created to look after the other creatures,
yet they pave their parking lots with blacktop and cut trees to make their bleachers.
But no one ever thinks of this - no one stop to wonder why.
How many people do you pass every day without having the decency to say hi?
Join me in my mission to spread peace and love and joy.
It's time we started reminding each other that our world is not a toy.
Never will I stand aside, my mind and heart are set.
Even if you shot me now, my students won't forget.
I'm no-longer just a person, I'm the personification of a dream
And even if I die today, you can not stop the scheme.
Through my love my friends will wake and their love will echo out
Until the world is one again and love replaces doubt.

The Energy

Jan. 21st, 2013 10:29 pm
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I feel it.
Do you?
Something is coming.
I can feel it all around me - like static in the air.
It reminds me of watching our horses begin galloping across the pasture as a storm moves in before the first wave of thunder even rolls.
Something is happening.
But what?
I think this moment - this time here right now - is when we get to decide.
Anything can happen - the possibilities are endless.
We will decide our own fate - be it good or bad, beautiful or terrifying.
We all hold the power but, I think, it is only a power that can be activated in unity.
We must come together.
We are powerful, limitless beings with the energy of existence itself burning inside us but we are too separated from ourselves and each other to feel it.
The closer I become with myself and the rest of humanity, the deeper I feel the burning energy inside me - inside all of us.
I don't need a Bible to tell me it's there - I feel it!
I want to share it with you but I simply can not.
This is something you must find for yourselves.
But I can help you, if only you will listen to me.
I think this is why some people stop believing in angels.
We expect things to be handed to us and throw temper-tantrums when we get our own way.
We ask "If angels are so good and great and powerful, why do they not come to our rescue?"
I think, in many ways, they do.
But they, too, are limited.
This power is not something even they can hand to us - it is something we must unlock for ourselves.
We are both the lock and the key - we have been all along.
We just need to open our eyes and free ourselves from the lies we've been surrounded by all along - step outside of society and back into humanity - to see it.
I'm doing it right now.
I'm taking baby steps - but I'm getting there.
Are you?
Will you?
Awaken, my friends, and find the truth that you have hidden within your hearts!
Silence your mind, close your eyes, and focus on the energy within.
Place your hand over your heart.
Do you feel that beating?
That is the pulse of energy.
Reach across to a friend and place your hand over their heart.
Do you feel that beating?
That is the pulse of energy.
Walk down to a stream and place your hand into the water.
Do you feel that motion?
That is the pulse of energy.
Look up to the sky and gaze at the stars.
Do you see them twinkling?
That is the pulse of energy.
That, my friends, is but a grain of salt compared to energy flowing through our universe and we are all a part of it.
With this energy, my friends, we will decide what will happen.
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The universe is quite the same as a good parent. It may force you to go through difficult times and tasks but only for your own good. When something goes wrong and you're asking "Why? Why me?" know that it's because this world truly does love you and this is something your soul needs. We humans are really still much like children. Something interferes with our plans or our dreams and we throw temper-tantrums. Some question go so far as to question the existence of a greater power. I see this as the equivalent of a child who isn't getting their way and screams "You're not my mommy!" Well, my friends, the universe is your mommy and, whether you like it or not, she's going to do everything she can in her limitless power to ensure you receive everything you need in life. Some lessons are harder learned than others but don't worry - if you fail a test, mother nature will be sure to give you unlimited chances until you pass. This is why it sometimes seems like the same bad thing keeps happening over and over. It is. Realize that there is something in the situation that you're not understanding or something in your reactions that is incorrect and work from there. Soon enough, you'll find you've passed the test and will move on to your next experience. Fighting this, much like fighting your own mother, will only make your life harder. Accept her eternal love and care and let her guide you and care for you. The mere existence of life - something that even our highly advanced science and technology can still not comprehend or recreate - should be proof enough that she knows exactly what she's doing. <3
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(The following is a spiritual poem, not written by myself. The author is unknown to me at this time.)
O Great Beloveds of the starry night
You who reign in all your seen and unseen glory
Come forth and share yourselves with me and to All That Is
Let it be known everywhere who you really are
For you are more ready then you believe yourselves to be
The closet is not as safe a place as the Grand Illusion has led you all to believe
Wake up!
Beloved sleepy ones
Wipe the dust from your eyes
And shake the cobwebs from your limbs
Believe me when I say that it's far wiser to correct a dissonant harmonic
Then to allow a symphony to play disunited
Therein lies your power
A secret revealed
The Heart
The greatest instrument that you can Feel
Is also the greatest instrument to Be
Yes, indeed!
Feeling is being
And being is knowing
And knowing is connecting
Merging in with Truth
I wonder to All
Can you value your uniqueness as part of the Whole?
Can you see your beauty in all your glory?
All of that which is in the likeness of the Unnameable One
Is reflected upon us with divine grace
Cloudy eyes shift to clear and all truth is thus revealed
Now try and go back into the self-enclosed proverbial closet
How do you feel?
Not so easy is it?
Or is it?
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The Devil is the distractions. The day-to-day routine, the gossip, the drama, the jobs, the classes, the gas prices, the bills, the chores, the idea that we need to do certain things at certain times in life in order to enjoy the world - those are The Devil. The Devil is not a being living in a pit of flames, but rather the distractions from the truth that makes you burn through your existence without ever truly living. We are living in an amazing world with limitless possibilities but instead of enjoying this fantastic planet we all live on, we go through our days in a routine that no one has set but ourselves. We are trained as children that if anyone is to go outside those routines, they are to be considered crazy outcasts and are to be treated as such, therefore setting the precedent.
Take a look around - does this world look like what you really, truly think it should look like? I should hope not. Even a blind man could see that this world is all wrong. The wards, the famine, the hunger, the disease, the poverty, the stress, the pain, the suffering - all of it brought upon ourselves. We have the man-power to make a drastic change right here, right now but no one will. Why? Because we all share the same fear that we will become outcasts and fail. We all share the same core goals - to be happy, the be healthy, to enjoy life. We share countless things in common yet it is that one common fear that holds us back from obtaining all those common desires. That, my friends, is the power of The Devil. We are all distracted by this idea that we have to follow a certain pattern to be happy and anyone who falls outside tat pattern must suffer. It is time for each and every one of to stop the routine, turn off the television, and sit and think about your life. What's really, truly real? Are you really happy? Is this really what you want to be doing with the comparatively short life we all live on this ancient and amazing planet? Do you really want to be sitting on a couch watching images of what's out there or do you want to be the one out there truly experiencing it? Stop settling for good enough and fight for what you know we ALL deserve! Set aside your differences and realize that we all just want to be happy - we all just want to be FREE! Understand the true power each and every one of you posses and step forward to make the change that this world desperately needs. WAKE UP.


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