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And I wonder, right now, who's out there.
Who is out there gazing at the stars?
Who is out their reflecting on their own souls?
Who is comparing the waves of the ocean to their emotions and their lives,
realizing that these waves that seem so large and powerful are but ripples in the vastness of the ocean?
Who are the dreamers, awake in their beds, lost in the power of their potential and their starving desire to make change?
Who are the wanderers, peaceful in the silent awe of the beauty of the world around them?
Who are the ones who share these pieces of my own heart, my own mind, my own soul?
Who are you?
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Sometimes I wish I could step out of this life and into another.
Let me be climbing a mountain somewhere in the wild or running barefoot through a stream in the middle of nowhere. Let me meditate in the mountains in the East. Let me brave the danger and beauty of the rainforest. Let me be somewhere, anywhere, on some great adventure that no one knows anything about.

Original: 9/20/2016 around 4:00pm
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I've all but lost my faith
In true love and happy endings
Many times.
It is the greatest people
Who suffer the most.
Those who have more than earned their happiness
Find their wishes denied,
While those who commit their lives to fraudulence
Find prosperity and cold pride.
In some sort of manner
I find this all so bittersweet.
They say greatness is born from adversity
And I see truth in this.
Yet, why must this be seemingly a law of the universe?
I see two sides to this coin.
Yet perhaps,
In some paradoxical manner,
Both are just as true as the other.
On one side,
Karma seems to work in reverse.
Those who do wrong
Are rewarded,
Unjustly so.
And yet those same people
Never have the opportunity to truly appreciate the greatness life.
How could you comprehend the beauty of the sun if night never fell?
On the other side,
Those who commit themselves to good
Are seemingly punished,
Unjustly so.
And yet those same people
Are able to truly appreciate the greatness of life.
They have seen the darkness of the night
And so they can comprehend the beauty of the sun.
In this way,
This line of thinking,
I am reminded of the Yin and Yang;
The bad in the good and the good in the bad.
In a world seemingly ruled by chaos,
At first glance,
We are truly living in a universe devoted to balance.
I find it no coincidence that many Eastern religions,
Such as Buddhism and Taoism,
Find more happiness and peace of mind
Than most others who inhabit this earth.
Their very beliefs are rested upon this theory of balance.
Because of this,
They learn from a young age to see the importance of the bad in the good,
As well as be enabled to see the good hidden in the bad.
Perhaps this world has gone so mad
Because we have forgotten such ancient and sacred knowledge.
We spend our lives fighting for what we want,
Putting our own DESIRES above others' NEEDS.
We struggle to avoid the bad at all costs
And have not learned to find the good in the bad.
We have not learned to see the bad in the good
And end up causing ourselves more suffering when it appears to us unexpectedly.
We have lost sight of what may be life's most important lessons,
As well as the very compassion that could restore the balance we so desperately need.
In Buddhism,
It is believed that what we perceive to be reality
Is not reality at all.
It is best to describe it as a dream.
As you experience it,
It all seems so real;
The happiness, the pain.
Then you awake
And return to true reality.
Much the same,
What we see is not what is.
Buddhists believe that reality is Oneness;
The separation we see -
You and I, dog and cat, tree and sky -
Is nothing but an illusion.
We are all one being.
In a sense,
We are all God.
This easily explains Abrahamic religions' belief
That God is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient.
It also explains their statements
That we are all made in the image of God.
Enlightenment is attained when you truly realize and understand this;
When you find the peace within the chaos
And release yourself to unshakable tranquility.
How could one not find such tranquility
When you understand the reality of the universe
As it is
And understand
That this suffering
Is not real.
Have you ever realized
While deep asleep
And seemingly trapped in a nightmare
That you were dreaming?
You're no longer afraid.
You know that the danger is not real.
The suffering is not real.
What you are experiencing
Is not reality.
I believe,
Is much the same way.
So perhaps I can find faith;
Not just in this world that I see
But in reality.
I am here to experience life
And learn.
What point is there in existing
In a state of omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience?
I believe that is why we are experiencing
Life this way.
No need to ask
"What is the meaning of life?"
This is the answer.
The meaning of life
Is the very existence
Of this perceived reality
And separation.
Did you know
That the Big Bang Theory
Is now the Big Bounce Theory?
The universe itself
Seems to have something of a heartbeat.
The omniverse is released from a single point -
Reminiscent to the "Oneness" -
And returns to this same single point.
The beat is slow
Giving ample time for life to form
And evolve
And for countless generations of beings
To experience existence
In this perceived reality.
Looking at humanity,
we continue to evolve -
Notably mentally -
Over time.
Even now,
Many continue to expand their consciousness,
Realizing the mistakes of the past
And building on them to make a better future.
I believe this time we are given
Is comparable to a single lifetime.
When you enter this world,
You are not self-aware.
You are helpless,
Surviving off of pure instinct.
As you grow,
So does your mind.
Now imagine this baby as being representative
Of the beginning of mankind.

As a toddler,
Your imagination begins to develop.
You believe in fairytales and imaginary friends.
All bias aside,
I believe this is where mankind began forming many religions.
Humans blamed both tragedy and prosperity on Gods and Goddesses.
No matter what happened,
They always found a way to link it to these beings.

As a child,
You began to appreciate community.
You wanted to play with other children.
However, your may have been short when it came to sharing.
Many children begin pointing out that each others' imaginary friends
Are not real.
Obviously, this leads to fights
And temper-tantrums.
I believe this is the point in the development of humanity that we began to form communities,
Albeit the common violence found within them.

As a teenager,
You began to believe you no longer needed to depend on anyone else.
You formed cliques.
You became responsible for your own money,
You became more judgmental.
You became rebellious.
Your emotions became even more turbulent.
Fights became violent,
While friendships became more serious.
I believe this is the point in the development of humanity that nations began to form,
That society became more complicated and separate cultures were born.
I believe this is also when true wars began
As nations fought for
Title (to be considered the best),
And even over differences
In opinion
Or religion.

As a young adult,
You began to understand the benefits of peace
And allies.
You began to balance benefit and loss
And think ahead before acting out.
You became more strategic
And less impulsive.
Friendships became stronger and deeper yet.
Your emotions could still be turbulent at times
And you often thought of yourself before others.
This is not to say that you were selfish,
Only that the needs and suffering of others
Wasn't something commonly in mind.
You began to have a serious understanding of economics,
Though still struggling to keep everything in check.
I believe this is the point in human development that countries were born,
Treaties were made,
Alliances were built,
War became more strategic -
In some ways, to do more to help others;
In other ways, to do others more harm.
Society continued to become more complex yet.
We understood the importance of science
And technology,
So we began putting in the great time
We knew it would take
To advance our countries in the future.
Such rapid evolution
Lead to greater responsibility
And governments struggled,
And often failed,
To maintain economic balance.
I believe this is the point in human development in which the majority exists.

When you became a more mature adult,
You began to understand how pointless drama is.
You became more responsible with your income and expenses.
Your friendships became closer than ever.
Disagreements became less volatile,
As you preferred to avoid pointless drama
And attempt to find middle ground.
When no middle ground could be found,
You simply parted ways.
You were more likely to help those in need,
Especially considering your own income and expenses were in order,
Enabling you to give more back to society
Without risking your own stability.
You began to reminisce on the community you felt as a child
With your friends and family
And began searching for ways to find that sense again:
In church, in organizations, in your neighborhood, at work, with your family - extended family, even.
You began to return to religion,
Seeing it as a source of answers to deeper questions beyond what science has yet been able to answer.
Or, perhaps, you turned further away from religion,
Believing it to be primitive,
And continued to believe in science rather than the supernatural.
When both sides came together,
Setting aside their differences
To create an even closer community,
Friends were found in unexpected places
And peace began to spread.
However, others turned away because of these differences.
The polarization began to shift
As you continued to grow older.
More and more people
Set aside their grudges
As they let go of dehumanizing
Those who disagreed with them.
Communities continued to spread
And grow stronger bonds
But without the violence
Once common to primitive communities.
I believe the new generations are the beginning of this phase of human development.

As you grow older,
You embrace the great memories of your existence.
You begin to appreciate everything around you - even the little things.
You look back on the battles of your past
And realize how much you learned from them.
You look back at fights with past enemies
And realize how pointless and ridiculous those fights truly were.
You begin to understand the circle of life
And appreciate every part of your own.
You see the lessons you learned in hard times
And the happiness you found in the good times.
You understand that life is a balance of give and take.
You let go of the stresses that once caused you so much grief,
Accepting that what's done is done
And it doesn't really matter so much in the end, anyway.
You find pride in all the good you have done, though,
In what time you had on this earth.
You realize it may never be in history books
And your life may never be a movie
But you made a difference,
No matter how small,
And that's what counts.
You find happiness in the simple fact that you were here;
You were given the blessing of existence.
You accept things the way things are
And release all fear and apprehension
Of what is to come.
This is the phase of human development that I believe very few people have ever reached thus far.
This is the phase of Enlightenment.

Bear in mind,
You yourself may be between phases.
Some evolve more than others.
This is not to say anyone is stupid or slow.
All is One.
The separateness of yourself
Is not reality.
You are but a piece of the whole,
Being gifted with the experience of a sense of individual existence.
You are,
In reality,
You have
Or will have
Experienced every life
That exists
Has existed
Or will exist
In this current illusion of "reality"
That we are in.

All of this knowledge
Brings us to the importance of mindfulness.
It is important
To put things into perspective
Every day of your life,
As many times a day
As it crosses your mind.
When you begin to panic,
To feel depressed,
To feel out of control -
Stop to remember what is truly reality.
Remember the importance of finding the good in the bad
While keeping the sense to see that bad in the good.
Remember that the existence of both is what holds the balance.
Remember that,
You will look back on your life.
Although you will see the lessons in your struggles
And the mistakes you made,
Do your best
To be sure
You have many wonderful memories
To hold close to your heart
And find great pride in.

Although this may not be the true "reality,"
You are experiencing things this way
For a reason.
This is a gift to yourself.
Appreciate it
And make the most of it.

If everyone could do this,
This version of "reality"
Would be so much more peaceful;
Our experiences would be that much more beautiful
And rewarding.
This does not mean
That the bad
Will cease to exist.
There will always be
A balance
Of good and bad.
The scales do not need
To be so extreme.

This version of reality
Will return to oneness.
Another version of reality
Will be born from that same oneness.
This is not mere philosophy;
This is science.
This version of "reality"
May never exist again.
Appreciate the miracle
Of all of this.
Bring peace to your soul.
Enlighten yourself.
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Oh, hey baby,
Wanna take over the world with me?
We're young and crazy,
so let's run free.
We're two of a kind -
we got this kinda power.
Just take my hand
and this world is ours.
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What a world this is!
A poetic tragedy!
Our very existence a contradiction;
As if our souls screamed
"I must exist! Nothing shall stop me! I must exist!"
Each breath we take is poetry;
each daydream, a miracle.
We are magnificent creatures
of love and sin.
Oh, what a world this is!
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How can I explain how I feel
When I don’t
Understand it myself?
Like tidal waves -
I’m drowning in myself!
I give and give
Every piece I have of me
And the world swallows me whole.
I am pushed
And torn
And beaten to the Earth.
But it is there
That I ground myself
And find my soul.
“Hold on,”
It whispers gently.
“We’re not done yet.”
And I rise again.
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This fire burns inside of me
This great power
This deep passion
But for what?
I don’t yet know.
I have caught glimpses
Of my destiny
In my dreams
Am I right for this journey?
I don’t yet know.
I feel so small
In a world where bigger
Is better
Can I be the best?
I don’t yet know.
But I will in time.
All great things come with time
And believe me
I will be great.


Oct. 19th, 2013 05:04 pm
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I feel - and have always felt, since I was a small child - a deep need to make a difference. Not a desire - a NEED. It burns inside of me every single day; it is a sort of passion that no other can compare to. When I was little, I used to tell my great-grandmother that I was going to change the world someday. My resolve has not weakened with time. I believe we all have a purpose in life - I believe in destiny. Some people may go through life and never really know what their purpose is but I believe I have always known mine. The world has thrown so many things at me, trying to slow me down and stop me, but nothing has - nor ever will - work. The only thing in the universe that could ever stop me would be death and I hope that by the time my final day comes, I will be immortalized by the great changes I have made in the world. I do not want riches or fame - I want change and I will go to the greatest lengths life throws in front of me to achieve it.
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You exist.
Take a moment out of your day and think about that.
Look around you at this world - at the trees blowing in the wind, watch you move your own arm, flex your hand, take a deep breath.
You exist.
Let that sink in.
Too many people take life for granted and never take a single moment to realize the true miracle that is themselves and their own life.
Every breath you take is a miracle of nature.
Your thoughts, your dreams, your goals - all are miracles.
Science can tell us where those come from - the brain - but it can't tell us why.
You and me - we're miracles. According to science, the possibility of our existence and the intricacy of our universe is almost - if not entirely - impossible.
And, yet, here we are.
A tiny speck of dust in a vast and seemingly empty and lifeless vortex of space and time.
Suddenly your problems fade away into the back of your mind. They seem so small. They are small. We are but particles on a speck of dust.
But we're here. We exist. We think, we breathe, we feel.
Just think about that.
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Sometimes I lose control of my emotions and become so unbelievably enraged with ignorant individuals. Individuals who allow their emotions to block their minds and withhold themselves from logical thinking. Individuals who form opinions and place votes that will effect the entire country without doing anything research. To me, that is like jumping off a plane and pulling millions of people with you because you THINK there's a parachute on your back, though you never actually check. Not only are you endangering yourself but you are endangering the lives of others.

But then I calm myself and remember that our world still has millions - billions, perhaps - of years left to live and those young and naive souls still have time to learn. Though it still hurts me that others will suffer from their close-mindedness, I understand that it is out of my control and all I can do is have faith that their souls will grow in time...

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 Watching the news of the recent deadly storms that have pummeled Central America in a way that is unusual even for Tornado Alley, it is clear the Mother Nature is sending us a clear message. "Change your ways of living or you shall not live at all."

We have abused our Mother Nature far too much and it seems she's fallen into battered woman syndrome. She's sick of being abused and now she's fighting back. Even religions have been warning us of this time for centuries. The evidence is clear both in the present and in ancient history yet STILL we deny it. We stick our heads in the grounds and act like everything will turn out okay - we fool ourselves into believing there's no real immediate need to change. How long before we admit what is already in front of us? The longer we wait, the more we will suffer. Wake up, humanity, before it's too late!

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 We live in world where we murder to prove who's God is kindest,
a world where we value the trees less than the money made of their wood,
a world where we only care about children before they are born.
Some cry for angels and the angels rush to the pleas
but the angels see the corruption and off again they flee.
We live in a world where we are more angered by cruel words than great massacres,
a world where we care more about the economy of the country than the lives of the world,
a world where those who fight for peace are mocked and forgotten but those who lie for power are loved and immortalized.
Some sing for brotherhood but the tune is lost in war;
we've all been fighting for so damn long, we forgot what we're fighting for.

- Jordyn Mart

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If we want to change society - if we want to change the WORLD, we must change how we educate our youth. We are not the ones who hold the power of the future in our hands - they are. It is our duty to ensure every single child is educated and prepared to save our world. Teach them to be robots in a classroom - accepting and regurgitating the information they're given without questioning it and that is exactly what they will be as adults. Robots who go through the motions and accept the media without question. We must raise our children to question everything - submerge them in hands-on learning that forces them to THINK, not just memorize pointless pieces of information that they'll forget within a week or two. We must engrave in them a deep desire to understand and learn - we must fill them with a never-ending thirst for knowledge. When we educate our children in this way, our world will bound ahead in ways we have never even imagined. It all begins with the children. It must always begin with the children.

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Everyday I teach others about equality and love.
I watch their spirits grow and shine like the stars above.
I spread my love to all human beings - young, old, straight, LGBT.
I spread my love out to all and it echos back to me.
It's easy to feel so different and that difference makes us afraid,
but when you stop and think about it, we're really all the same.
Did you know the universe has a heartbeat? Did you know that plants feel pain?
It's time we all woke up and started protecting our world again.
Christians believe man was created to look after the other creatures,
yet they pave their parking lots with blacktop and cut trees to make their bleachers.
But no one ever thinks of this - no one stop to wonder why.
How many people do you pass every day without having the decency to say hi?
Join me in my mission to spread peace and love and joy.
It's time we started reminding each other that our world is not a toy.
Never will I stand aside, my mind and heart are set.
Even if you shot me now, my students won't forget.
I'm no-longer just a person, I'm the personification of a dream
And even if I die today, you can not stop the scheme.
Through my love my friends will wake and their love will echo out
Until the world is one again and love replaces doubt.

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So much of the media is filled with stupid distractions from what's real.
No one has any clue about half of what is going on in this world.
The media convinces you that you're living in a world of violence and terror and that you are powerless to do anything about it.
They convince you that you have to be the President or a member of Congress to make change and all YOU can do is sit and watch your tv to see what will happen.
That's all lies.
There are 535 people in Congress, 1 President, and 311,591,917 Americans.
Who do you think has the most power?
If we would all step outside of the media and work together, we could turn this country - this WORLD - into the free, loving, equal, and peaceful place it deserves to be.
But the media has turned you into SHEEP.
They take advantage of your emotions and use them to fulfill their agenda.
Think about it...
Congress wants more gun control.
Have you noticed how many stories have recently been all over the news about recent gun violence?
Suddenly, it seems as though gun violence has exploded all over the world! But it hasn't. In fact, gun violence has been decreasing since the 1970's. Bet you didn't know that! Why do I say that? Because I'm certain many of you who are posting your anti-gun rants haven't taken a minute of your time to research that. You see the heart-breaking murder of children and immediately become vengeful against those who commit crime with guns. You may do research, but you only research topics that SUPPORT your view - never once taking the time to open-mindedly look at the opposing facts.
And when that law comes to vote, you'll all be rushing to the polls to fulfill Congress' wishes - you'll be blindly checking off one more task on their agenda.
Are you seeing it yet, little sheep?
Burn the agenda, prove to the world that you are intelligent human beings - not sheep! Rise up and fight for what you KNOW is right and quit settling for what's "good enough!"

Don't believe my statement about violence?
Here's my source:

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Our lives are no different than our dreams. Knowingly or not, we create our own destinies and our own dreams. Sometimes, the experiences are not always what we think we want them to be, yet somewhere deep in our soul we have always known that that is exactly what we need to grow. Every experience, every dream, is message from our souls. If we don't remember this, we lose sight of the connections in the world and become caught up in a seemingly never-ending chaos. Many try to argue with destiny, claiming "God" gave us free will. These people don't understand that our destiny was created by our own free will - we just don't remember that right now. Trust yourself and pay attention to every experience and every dream you encounter. They exist for a reason; They are your stepping stones to a great world, a greater dimension. They are there to lift you up, not to cause you to fall down. It's much the same as climbing a mountain: If you pay close attention to each step, you will climb further and further up the mountain until you reach that great peak. However, if you lose focus and allow yourself to become distracted, you will trip upon every neck rock in your path and continue to fall further and further to the bottom. Keep sight of life, pay attention to everything your life and your dreams have to tell you, and hold faith in yourself and your destiny. We are all headed for great things.

My Dream

Dec. 2nd, 2012 05:47 pm
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I dream of a world where
All people eat together, drink together,
dance together, sing together
Laugh together, play together,
rest together, pray together.
I dream of a world where all love together and all mourn together.

I dream of a world that appreciates the beauty of nature but it blind to the color of skin.
I dream of a world where we pass on our nurture from kin to kin to kin.
I dream of a world where we all appreciate the holy spirit within
and all understand that, hand in hand, all battles we can win.
I dream of a world that understands our unity and appreciates our individuality.

This dream is not so simple, yet so easy at the same time.
A paradox of possibilities, the outcome so sublime.
Look past your daily stresses to the outside of your mind
and you will find the broken line between what's yours and mine.
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Sometimes I get so caught up in being a human that I forget to be myself. I think we all do...
So, today I will seek out every possible opportunity to do a kind dead and I ask that you do the same.
I know it's not something many of us focus on - as sad of a fact as that is - but all I ask is that you focus on it for just this one day. Why am I not asking you to do this any more than one day? Because I know after one day, you won't be able to stop. The payoff is far too great to pass up - the sense of pride, accomplishment, and soul-deep happiness so wonderful that it turns into a lifelong addiction. An addiction that - instead of harming your body - heals the world. ♥


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