Sep. 8th, 2016 02:49 am
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I am not bound by you,bound by gravity, bound by earth or fire or water or sky.
I am limitless as the galaxy, as the expanse of the mind, of the energy that feeds our world and our bodies.
I am the fire you feel in your soul, I am the beat you feel from your heart, I am the wind the blows through the trees.
I am you and you are me.
My mind can't stay within the lines, lines that are never there.
I sit still and close my eyes,
I see darkness.
No longer do I see the edges of my body.
I focus on the gracious air that fills my lungs,
in and out.
Down from my lungs,
I feel the Earth.
I imagine my roots sinking deep into the ground;
I feel the ageless giant steadying my body...and my soul.
I imagine the energy I feel pumping within my veins spreading out into the air,
as if I am a tree with leaves that breathe life into the world.
Suddenly, I do not feel my body against the Earth.
Suddenly, my body does not end - I am the Earth.
Suddenly, I do not feel the air against my skin.
Suddenly, my body does not end - I am the air.
My mind grows quiet.
My worries drift away with each breath,
with each beat of my heart - a beat that suddenly seems to be coming not from my body but from this...all.
Why worry about such petty things in life?
I am alive.
I am limitless.
I am so connected with this peaceful power.
I feel no fear nor pain.
Suddenly, I forget such things even exist.
I feel only calm...peace...a love so powerful - such a power that no words could describe.
So much love.
What a beautiful thing this is.
To exist as one.
I am everything.
We are everything.
"Created in the image of God"
No, no.
Not right, not right.
I feel it, I feel it.
We are God.
This great being;
A being of limitless power and limitless love.
"As above, so below"
Yes, yes. All one. All a reflection - inception.
As I open my eyes, these feelings still reside within me.
Everything has changed.
I can never be the same again.
How can you ever hate another when you know they are a part of you?
How can you ever devalue life again when you have realized the vastness of their life...your life.
Even as time separates us from this experience, even as we begin to forget reality and fall prey to this belief of separation, you can never shake the feeling.
Once, I was so angry. Filled with so much hatred, so bitter, so cold.
Now my anger has cooled from a wildfire to a candle. Easily snuffed, though the smoke after is still a reminder to me. It burns my eyes so I remember to stop using them to see and use my mind instead. I regret my anger but I do not hold such feelings against myself. Being bitter with myself is as useless and being bitter with another. I accept what happened is done, do my best to learn from it, and move on.
Again I remember the closeness I felt, the Oneness I felt.
Despite what anyone has done to anger or hurt me,
I remember we are one
and I wish them the best.
I love them.
I close my eyes again...and the darkness I once feared as a child has suddenly become my friend.
This is what we are - nothing and everything...
and it is beautiful.

Close your eyes, let go of your body, quiet your mind...
You'll feel it too.

Tell Me

Feb. 5th, 2014 06:24 pm
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People say I’m a quiet person
But they simply don’t speak of the things I do
Tell me about your secrets
Your deepest desires
Your wildest dreams
Tell me all you've left unspoken
Tell me what you think
As you wake up in the morning
And lay down to sleep each night
Tell me where your mind wanders
When you’re weary or you’re bored
Tell me about the meaning of life
Or your perception of this world
This galaxy
This universe
Tell me of all these great white elephants
Tell me everything
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Emotions are the most powerful force in the universe; sometimes so strong, in fact, that words could never begin to grasp the very concept of them. We feel so much in our hearts that our minds scramble to decode. Sometimes we understand it - sometimes we understand ourselves - but, I think, most times we don't. Our emotions come and go like the tide and we are forced to go with flow. I've learned, with time, that fighting the water only gets you nowhere fast. It wears you down and, if you're not careful, you risk drowning. Breathe in deep, surrender yourself to it - to that which you fear most - and just let the current take you.


Oct. 19th, 2013 05:04 pm
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I feel - and have always felt, since I was a small child - a deep need to make a difference. Not a desire - a NEED. It burns inside of me every single day; it is a sort of passion that no other can compare to. When I was little, I used to tell my great-grandmother that I was going to change the world someday. My resolve has not weakened with time. I believe we all have a purpose in life - I believe in destiny. Some people may go through life and never really know what their purpose is but I believe I have always known mine. The world has thrown so many things at me, trying to slow me down and stop me, but nothing has - nor ever will - work. The only thing in the universe that could ever stop me would be death and I hope that by the time my final day comes, I will be immortalized by the great changes I have made in the world. I do not want riches or fame - I want change and I will go to the greatest lengths life throws in front of me to achieve it.
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For years I have constantly sought to find the words to explain my thoughts to others. Some understand me while others never do and I frustrate myself and them to no end trying to make them understand.
However, it was I all along who needed to understand.
I understand now that - no matter how I word things - some minds just aren't ready for the information I, myself, have begun to understand.
It's like trying to fill a 1-cup pitcher with 1 gallon of water - it just won't work and that's ok.
Thank you, universe, for providing this experience so many times so that I could finally learn this lesson.
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The Devil is the distractions. The day-to-day routine, the gossip, the drama, the jobs, the classes, the gas prices, the bills, the chores, the idea that we need to do certain things at certain times in life in order to enjoy the world - those are The Devil. The Devil is not a being living in a pit of flames, but rather the distractions from the truth that makes you burn through your existence without ever truly living. We are living in an amazing world with limitless possibilities but instead of enjoying this fantastic planet we all live on, we go through our days in a routine that no one has set but ourselves. We are trained as children that if anyone is to go outside those routines, they are to be considered crazy outcasts and are to be treated as such, therefore setting the precedent.
Take a look around - does this world look like what you really, truly think it should look like? I should hope not. Even a blind man could see that this world is all wrong. The wards, the famine, the hunger, the disease, the poverty, the stress, the pain, the suffering - all of it brought upon ourselves. We have the man-power to make a drastic change right here, right now but no one will. Why? Because we all share the same fear that we will become outcasts and fail. We all share the same core goals - to be happy, the be healthy, to enjoy life. We share countless things in common yet it is that one common fear that holds us back from obtaining all those common desires. That, my friends, is the power of The Devil. We are all distracted by this idea that we have to follow a certain pattern to be happy and anyone who falls outside tat pattern must suffer. It is time for each and every one of to stop the routine, turn off the television, and sit and think about your life. What's really, truly real? Are you really happy? Is this really what you want to be doing with the comparatively short life we all live on this ancient and amazing planet? Do you really want to be sitting on a couch watching images of what's out there or do you want to be the one out there truly experiencing it? Stop settling for good enough and fight for what you know we ALL deserve! Set aside your differences and realize that we all just want to be happy - we all just want to be FREE! Understand the true power each and every one of you posses and step forward to make the change that this world desperately needs. WAKE UP.
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Our lives are no different than our dreams. Knowingly or not, we create our own destinies and our own dreams. Sometimes, the experiences are not always what we think we want them to be, yet somewhere deep in our soul we have always known that that is exactly what we need to grow. Every experience, every dream, is message from our souls. If we don't remember this, we lose sight of the connections in the world and become caught up in a seemingly never-ending chaos. Many try to argue with destiny, claiming "God" gave us free will. These people don't understand that our destiny was created by our own free will - we just don't remember that right now. Trust yourself and pay attention to every experience and every dream you encounter. They exist for a reason; They are your stepping stones to a great world, a greater dimension. They are there to lift you up, not to cause you to fall down. It's much the same as climbing a mountain: If you pay close attention to each step, you will climb further and further up the mountain until you reach that great peak. However, if you lose focus and allow yourself to become distracted, you will trip upon every neck rock in your path and continue to fall further and further to the bottom. Keep sight of life, pay attention to everything your life and your dreams have to tell you, and hold faith in yourself and your destiny. We are all headed for great things.
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Many people believe that we chose our parents in the spirit world in order to give ourselves the lives we would need to learn the lessons we've yet to learn. Sometimes, I can't help but wonder if I did not just choose my parents but, rather, this entire reality. Are all of you here simply because my soul believed this is what must be in order for me to learn all I must learn? Did we all create this reality together in order to teach each other? What a magnificent miracle life is! No matter how we were created or how our destinies were planned, you can not deny the insurmountable number of lessons life offers us. Every moment is a rush of emotions and sensations - every breath, thought, and heartbeat a miracle. Happiness, pain, joy, sadness, love - every emotion so strong and so fantastic, whether we realize it right now. Our spirits were born in a world of everything but, perhaps, it was so much that we never had the opportunity to experience any of it. How do you notice anything when everything is always exactly the same? Perhaps this is why we are here. We were created to feel every sensation, experience every emotion - but with only so much at a time so we could really take it in. I find myself looking at the world with a sense of wonder I have no felt since I was a small child. Every time I touch a tree, I envision the networks of veins within it and feel the life surging through it. Every time I watch a bird take flight, I am fascinated by the idea of how it must feel to leave the solid world beneath you and soar into a universe all your own. Every time I reach my hand into water, I allow myself to focus on and experience every stream of the current within it. Why did it take me so long to realize how fantastic this world is? How can we deny the existence of magic when it is obvious that we are surrounded by it - were created out of it! Do you not see it? Stop for a moment... Close your eyes, reach up and feel your heart beat. Combine the science of your body with the spiritual miracle of your life and then you'll feel it - the magic that is you.


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