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So much of the developed world is in such an insane state of political unrest and upheaval. Corruption has become so blatant in so many countries, although the United States is certainly one of the most embarrassingly blatant examples. What is happening in the world right now is history in the making, I'm sure. Having friends from all over the world, I'm far more aware of the reality of this unrest than most here in my country where the rest of the world is greatly ignored. I fear our current path will either lead to yet another World War or, for perhaps the first time in history, a mass outbreak of civil wars in multiple nations.
The only silver lining to the current state of affairs is that more and more people who once buried their heads in the sand are finally becoming more politically aware. However, even that seems to be happening at a far too sluggish rate.
I do not feel foolish in openly admitting that, looking at the world and all that is happening right now, I am afraid.
Believe me, we all should be.
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How did our country go from seeking the promised land - built by immigrants and refugees - of freedom, equality, separation of the church and state, and justice to a land of fear-mongering, self-righteous indignation where racism has become a very part of our societal system and such a massive portion of our population believes we should force all followers of a particular religion to carry identification as evidence of such, and build a wall to separate ourselves from refugees and desperate families seeking a better life for their families? When did our country fall from from a land of heroes of humanity to a land of hypocrisy and ignorance?
We shake our heads and say "Never again" when learning of the Holocaust yet so many demand the same sort of discrimination and demonization of other religions and peoples that led to that very atrocity?
How can we stand here and say refugees and immigrants will be the destruction of our country when they are the very ones who quite literally founded and built our nation?
Worst of all, how can such a massive portion of our generation fail to see all of this?
What have we become?
It is not blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, homosexuals, or liberals that will destroy our country - it will be those who refuse to accept anything beyond their own hateful bias and judgmental mentality, who embrace self-promotion and reject any sort of community and empathy for all others - especially the less fortunate, who are too focused on taking all they can and resent any idea of sharing - like toddlers who scream and cry because they can not understand the importance of sharing, who vote into office those whose agendas are only to empower themselves and strip away the power of the people.
Rome did not fall because of the poor, the slaves, the homosexuals - Rome fell at the hands of greedy politicians who hoarded the resources of the land and allowed their empire to crumble as poverty spread and their citizens became violent in their desperation to survive and overpower all others because their sense of power of their own lives was systematically stripped away. Rome fell when it believed it was too great to fall and too ignorant to see its own mistakes and shortcomings.
If our country continues to repeat these same mistakes, the United States, too, shall fall.
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Today is an exceptionally sad day for the citizens of the United States - especially for the citizens of Boston, MA.
Today, two explosions were set off at the finish line of a Boston marathon, murdering 3 and injuring more than 140 innocent people.

CNN News Story:

In response, the Westboro Baptist Church announced their plans to picket the funerals of those innocent people who lost their lives, proclaiming the following...

Let me say this loud and clear:
No God - who created our universe and all of us so lovingly and delicately and perfectly - would ever destroy so many lives because they obtained the freedom to love and marry equally. Marriage is a creation of man - not of God. God does not care what licensing you have with a government - all God cares about is LOVE. God IS love. If you believe, for even a second, that a God who takes care of everything in existence would destroy a single life of its own creation for such shallow reason, you are no better than the individuals who set those bombs. I pray the Light finds a way to your heart and Enlightens your mind, for you are so lost and blind that you mistake the darkness surrounding you for light and the lies in your mind for truth.

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So much of the media is filled with stupid distractions from what's real.
No one has any clue about half of what is going on in this world.
The media convinces you that you're living in a world of violence and terror and that you are powerless to do anything about it.
They convince you that you have to be the President or a member of Congress to make change and all YOU can do is sit and watch your tv to see what will happen.
That's all lies.
There are 535 people in Congress, 1 President, and 311,591,917 Americans.
Who do you think has the most power?
If we would all step outside of the media and work together, we could turn this country - this WORLD - into the free, loving, equal, and peaceful place it deserves to be.
But the media has turned you into SHEEP.
They take advantage of your emotions and use them to fulfill their agenda.
Think about it...
Congress wants more gun control.
Have you noticed how many stories have recently been all over the news about recent gun violence?
Suddenly, it seems as though gun violence has exploded all over the world! But it hasn't. In fact, gun violence has been decreasing since the 1970's. Bet you didn't know that! Why do I say that? Because I'm certain many of you who are posting your anti-gun rants haven't taken a minute of your time to research that. You see the heart-breaking murder of children and immediately become vengeful against those who commit crime with guns. You may do research, but you only research topics that SUPPORT your view - never once taking the time to open-mindedly look at the opposing facts.
And when that law comes to vote, you'll all be rushing to the polls to fulfill Congress' wishes - you'll be blindly checking off one more task on their agenda.
Are you seeing it yet, little sheep?
Burn the agenda, prove to the world that you are intelligent human beings - not sheep! Rise up and fight for what you KNOW is right and quit settling for what's "good enough!"

Don't believe my statement about violence?
Here's my source:


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