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You may think you're better off with your tech degree and big house compared to the "snowflakes" who studied liberal arts and are fighting for living wages right now but I have no regrets with the path I took for my education. My mind has been opened to reality at a far greater depth than I ever imagined possible before.
I have nothing against those who pursue technical degrees and am happy for my friends and family whom have succeeded with them but do not belittle others who have taken a different path.
It's becoming all too common seeing people with such degrees proclaiming we deserve to suffer for not getting a "real" education. Ironic, considering the degrees our nation's teachers hold are "liberal arts" degrees.
So while you may think you are the poster child for success upon your high horse, know that what you truly have is a very big and pretty castle in a very small and clouded fishbowl.
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So much of the developed world is in such an insane state of political unrest and upheaval. Corruption has become so blatant in so many countries, although the United States is certainly one of the most embarrassingly blatant examples. What is happening in the world right now is history in the making, I'm sure. Having friends from all over the world, I'm far more aware of the reality of this unrest than most here in my country where the rest of the world is greatly ignored. I fear our current path will either lead to yet another World War or, for perhaps the first time in history, a mass outbreak of civil wars in multiple nations.
The only silver lining to the current state of affairs is that more and more people who once buried their heads in the sand are finally becoming more politically aware. However, even that seems to be happening at a far too sluggish rate.
I do not feel foolish in openly admitting that, looking at the world and all that is happening right now, I am afraid.
Believe me, we all should be.
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How did our country go from seeking the promised land - built by immigrants and refugees - of freedom, equality, separation of the church and state, and justice to a land of fear-mongering, self-righteous indignation where racism has become a very part of our societal system and such a massive portion of our population believes we should force all followers of a particular religion to carry identification as evidence of such, and build a wall to separate ourselves from refugees and desperate families seeking a better life for their families? When did our country fall from from a land of heroes of humanity to a land of hypocrisy and ignorance?
We shake our heads and say "Never again" when learning of the Holocaust yet so many demand the same sort of discrimination and demonization of other religions and peoples that led to that very atrocity?
How can we stand here and say refugees and immigrants will be the destruction of our country when they are the very ones who quite literally founded and built our nation?
Worst of all, how can such a massive portion of our generation fail to see all of this?
What have we become?
It is not blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, homosexuals, or liberals that will destroy our country - it will be those who refuse to accept anything beyond their own hateful bias and judgmental mentality, who embrace self-promotion and reject any sort of community and empathy for all others - especially the less fortunate, who are too focused on taking all they can and resent any idea of sharing - like toddlers who scream and cry because they can not understand the importance of sharing, who vote into office those whose agendas are only to empower themselves and strip away the power of the people.
Rome did not fall because of the poor, the slaves, the homosexuals - Rome fell at the hands of greedy politicians who hoarded the resources of the land and allowed their empire to crumble as poverty spread and their citizens became violent in their desperation to survive and overpower all others because their sense of power of their own lives was systematically stripped away. Rome fell when it believed it was too great to fall and too ignorant to see its own mistakes and shortcomings.
If our country continues to repeat these same mistakes, the United States, too, shall fall.
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S = Shane, M = Marcus, D = David, Me = me (obviously).

S: Does anybody realise that every time someone dies, God is aborting them because their final time has not yet come? Does anybody realise that the universe is the womb of God, and that the only thing left for the babies to do is to be reborn again? This has nothing to do with right, or wrong, it has to do with how things are, and how things happen. They have for an eternity.This is my stance on abortion. ‚Ä™#‚Äéconservativelogic

S: That's kind of funny. Jesus said the same thing I just did. In order to be born again, you must die to the self. His words, not mine, and look what happened to Him lol

Me: Not a Christian, myself, but glad to hear you're pro-choice! :D

S: The funny thing is it's not about choosing, or discerning, as if some choices are good and others are evil. It is about doing what's right for both the self and others, and the funny thing is nothing you can do can harm or help others, because nothing you can do will do either to your own self. And to be a Christian simply means having a name, because we get the same word to christen from the word "christ" or annointed. And the Name of God as written in Hebrew, YHWY, translated into English means "I AM WHO AM" It means the self. So the God who spoke out of the burning bush was the Higher calling of humanity. It was the self saying come be me. Return to me. Be the Messiah. Be the Christ figure that you are. Be the leader that tells them that your glorious purpose has sent you to liberate humanity.

M: They are killing a living, heart beating, thumb sucking, baby... God is not okay with people destroying his creation!

Me: ^ You obviously don't care to think about what will happen to the child after it's born. Most unwanted children are neglected, abused, and/or raped. That is no life!
We are already over-running this planet - forcing every unwanted child to be born will only worsen our overpopulation. The entire Earth is God's creation and we are hurting it! There are more of us already than our planet can withstand! If it wasn't ok with God, he wouldn't let it happen.

S: The universe is God's creation, you me and everything in it. If you kill a baby, fine. You are accomplishing the will of God. If you let it live, you accomplish the will of God. Nothing you do will not accomplish the will of God, because it is God doing it. If a baby dies, so be it if a baby lives, so be it. Life is natural, and death is an illusion. When you kill, you release, and the only thing left for that which dies to do is to be reborn immediately. It is as if it had never died. Because God is life, and you cannot destroy life

D: So basically you can do whatever you want with no repercussions? That's a messed up way to live..

S: Or you can just live in peace. Your choice

Me: David, you can't live in peace when you believe everyone else must believe and act just like you do. That will never happen. We are all individuals with free will.

D: But you can't live in peace when you believe people can do whatever they want...

S: You can if you don't let what they do bother you

D: So you're saying you'd be able to live in peace knowing at any moment someone could just walk up and shoot you on a whim?

S: Yup. Because you cannot die. don't worry about a fact you cannot change

D: Say that again when someone's about to put a billet through your skull. ..

S: I won't. I will just die and be reborn. Like a lamb led to the slaughter

D: It seems to me that kind of thinking prevents people from living to the fullest

S: Or does it prevent people from dying to the fullest? Either way, I am at peace with my fate. Everyone dies at some point in their life

Me: David, you say that his kind of thinking prevents people from living life to the fullest? How? How does the lack of fear of death prevent you from living life to the fullest? It is the existence of the fear of death that prevents people from living life to the fullest. They never go sky diving or ride a motorcycle or roller coaster because of fear. It is lack of fear that leads to freedom.

Me: If you are a true Christian, you will know that the body is only a vessel. A soul can not die. The Bible itself says so. So all of you claiming it's murder obviously need to read up in your Bibles. I may not be a Christian but I was raised one. David, why would a Christian fear being shot when they know that their souls are safe? What happens to the body doesn't matter - it's the soul that matters. That's why so many Christians allowed themselves to be persecuted - because they didn't care what happened to their bodies. The body is impermanent and disposable. The soul is forever.

Me: As for people doing whatever they want, that's the whole point of FREE WILL. Are you questioning God's decision to give man free will? The Bible itself says not to question God, for it is a sin. It also says not to judge others, for it, too, is a sin. "Let he who hath not sinned cast the first stone."

M: Okay... you all are getting your thoughts and facts twisted. You believe since God created us that "anything" we do is devine and therefore God's will.
First off, If you have read anything in the new testament it clearly teaches to Love and Respect others, which since we are all created from the Holy one we are respecting him. You cannot due this when you kill others. That is not his will. It's even in the 10 commandments. So you cannot sit there and pick out pieces from the bible without using all of it!!
God did give us free will, but just because he gave us this gift doesn't mean we can do whatever. He gave us the gift of "choice" for a purpose. That we may choice his way, or else we would be all robots.

S: That purpose is to liberate humanity from its differences. You act as if God is not in control, as if there is a distinction. Your purpose is to eliminate that, to become as Christ. To stand up and shake off the chains of difference. And only on that day will there be no more fighting, no more tears, no more suffering. It is distinction and disagreement that causes all wars, when in reality, your purpose is to love your enemy as yourself, because they are your self. Otherwise you are at war with yourself. What you do not realise is that that is what heaven is. No need to disagree, and no need to love, because if you do not need something, you have it. If you disagree with humans, you do not possess them. And if you disagree with heaven, you do not have it, and are in need of it. All of it is disagreeing with God, man, and your self, and the problem is you're making distinctions, just as Adam and Eve did. Just as Lucifer did. Just as "Satan" which means the accuser or the adversary. does. All you are doing is accusing yourself

M: What you are acting like is that to love you must not care or "believe" what everyone else does is okay... This is not true. You can disagree with others and still have compassion. This is what Christ did with the whores, killers, and adulterous. I agree with you about all of us must become one. All be in union. But we cannot disregard what is right and just. There is a right and wrong in this world.

S: No, because unless you become them, you can NOT have empathy or compassion. In order to demonstrate this, God became one of us. God became a man, but what you don't realise is what he realised: that in order for an unstoppable force to meet an immovable, stiff necked people is to become them. To become an unstoppable locomotive. God is one with man already, and God becomes man all the time. Because of your logic and your talk of separation, you will never meet that unstoppable force, and become it. Not until your death. Don't tell me who Jesus is, because you would not recognize him if you saw him. Jesus is union, and union is liberty. When Jesus told the pharisees this, they called him a blasphemer, because he defied their logic

S: But I forgive you because you know not what you do. Why do you not forgive me, because you know not what I am doing?

Me: Too many people focus on the Bible instead of Christ himself. That is the pitfall of Christianity. Christians must remember that the Bible was written long after Christ died by men - men in power with agendas, nonetheless. The Bible was used to control people - that's why it contradicts itself so many times; the rules in the Bible constantly change because it was written by men with different beliefs and different agendas in different times.
Christ taught us to love each other equally and unconditionally, to never judge each other, to help each other, to never look down on someone or shun them - even if they believe differently than you. To give everything you can to those in need - NOT to a church. Unfortunately, that is the exact opposite of what many Christians do. Even here in this thread of comments, there is so much judgement and anger; so many accusations and so much belittling. That is not what God wanted and it is these very behaviors and attitudes that has lead the world into this war-obsessed being it is now. So much poverty because money is given to churches and politicians instead of the poor who are only judged by the churches themselves as being lost, lazy, sinning souls. So much war and suffering - most of which was all brought on by differences in religion and judgement. God does not work in mysterious ways - God's way is simple: love each other and the world around you. It is humans who are complicated - reading too much into everything and committing the very behaviors that lead to our own destruction.

S: Agreed except the thing is we can't destroy the self because we can't destroy God

S: My love for you, is the same as God's:unconditional. It also means that it is the most furious, most passionate love that humanity can ever afford to give. It burns like the fire of hell, but it is as gentle as the sun beating down on you on a cool, breezy spring day in a meadow in the wilderness. And as you know, the sun burns hotter than you could even imagine, yet it can be as gentle and peaceful as you can imagine. And that is like the God of the bible. Every time he got near, the earth would quake, and lightning would flash, and the people would cower in fear. But when He came as a man to teach us what he had been all along, we didn't recognize him. We thought he was only wind and fire and fury, which was the most confusing thing for the people around him. He spoke like a lion, but was as calm and gentle as a lamb. But this is why he was so shocking. Never before had people heard a man talk and act as he did. But this is what he taught that everyone can be

Me: There is no destroying the self. Every mistake we make is just a lesson learned. A child can not just transform into a responsible adult - it must grow and learn. Our souls are no different. We can not just snap our fingers and become enlightened and pure as God - we must make mistakes. We fall for a reason. It does not mean we are evil humans - it means we are functional humans. We are doing what God intended us to do; we were given free will so that we could make mistakes and learn from them in our own time. God loves us no matter what we do; love is our true nature. That's why very old people are so patient and loving; they weren't always that way but after decades of mistakes they learned that love is the true way. Violence and anger only lead to more suffering - both for ourselves and others. Though we can not immediately just free our minds from separation, we can open our minds to all of the information around us and speed up the process. When humans begin looking at things with curiosity and a desire to understand instead of with judgement, we learn so much faster and become that much closer to God.
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Every day on the news, I hear of new mass shootings, murders, rapes, and crimes of all kinds.
Some cry for the weapons to be taken away - take the guns, take the knives, take it all! But the guns and knives would only be taken from those who obey the law. It is not law-abiders who commit the crimes. Those who commit crimes do not respect the system, they do not respect society - they do not respect anyone. They are lost, they sick, they are mislead. They believe their violence is the means to an end - perhaps an end to suffering, an end to their outrage, and end to something they feel is wrong or unjust, or even an end to their own lives.
When we take the guns and knives from those who abide the law - the good people - they are left unarmed and unable to defend themselves while those who break the laws and acquire these items illegally rampage through homes and crime rates sky-rocket.
When we blame the guns and the knives, we are only blaming a piece of the problem instead of looking to and treating the source.
The source of this problem is at the very source of ourselves. It is the soul and the mind.
How often do you stop to think: "What happened in this person's life that lead to this? What created this monster inside of them?"
Perhaps it is mental illness - something that many lower- to middle-class families can not afford to get help for. Perhaps it is lack of education and therefore these poor people never stood a chance in the world to begin with - and probably knew it, too. They felt that had nothing to lose when they committed these crimes. Again, this is something that many from the lower- and even middle-class can not afford to get help with. So, of course, it's no surprise that crime more often rips through lower- and middle-class communities and cities as opposed to upper-class communities.
How often, though, has this been addressed on the news? I've never seen it yet. All I see is weapon-blaming.
What this world needs is not more weapon control - what this world needs is more help to those who so desperately need it!
Educate the children, care for the bodily and mentally ill, and teach children to continue this process. Teach them to care and look out for each other. Teach them to help those in need and to work together for the greater good.
Right now, we live in a dog-eat-dog world. This is because children are being raised in an environment where they are taught from a young age that they need to look for themselves first and everyone else comes second. There should be no second. When people come in second, they feel worthless, helpless - they feel they have nothing to lose. They are left out of care, left out of valuable education.
However, if we raise our children to believe that there is only ONE way to live - to care for each other as number one because we are all one - these problems will cease. If there are people in need, the community will come together to their rescue. There will be no debates - no "What's in it for me?" There will only be love and compassion. That is what the world needs.

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I worry about future generations. I look at the generation directly beneath my own and see them lacking so much. It's sad when we need a new dictionary for chat-speak because the latest generations are too lazy to even write out an entire word. It seems the increase in technology leads to a decrease in intelligence. Ever since I got a cell phone, my memory has decreased. Who shouldn't it? I don't need to use it near as much anymore. As a child, I could remember multiple phone numbers and now I can barely remember my own. I see an even greater gap forming from the upper class and lower class and this gap is not directly due to just our economy. Those with intelligence are making new technologies that the lower class is becoming dependent on. They keep getting richer and richer and the mass of the population keeps getting dumber and dumber. We're becoming sheep to the system. Do you not see it?
It seems to be human nature to follow, we just have a faulty system of choosing WHO to follow. Just like in wolf packs, most wolves follow while some were just born into a natural state of leadership. Human history shows we follow a similar path - just with horrible judgement of who to follow. Change is made by the herders - be it good or bad. If you choose a corrupt leader, such as Hitler, you end up with the holocaust. If you choose a good-hearted leader, like Martin Luther King Jr., you end up with the civil rights movement and success. If you choose to follow multiple leaders with mixed agendas, such as today's political leaders and the media, you end up with a very confused and corrupted society, such as our society in America.


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