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So much of the developed world is in such an insane state of political unrest and upheaval. Corruption has become so blatant in so many countries, although the United States is certainly one of the most embarrassingly blatant examples. What is happening in the world right now is history in the making, I'm sure. Having friends from all over the world, I'm far more aware of the reality of this unrest than most here in my country where the rest of the world is greatly ignored. I fear our current path will either lead to yet another World War or, for perhaps the first time in history, a mass outbreak of civil wars in multiple nations.
The only silver lining to the current state of affairs is that more and more people who once buried their heads in the sand are finally becoming more politically aware. However, even that seems to be happening at a far too sluggish rate.
I do not feel foolish in openly admitting that, looking at the world and all that is happening right now, I am afraid.
Believe me, we all should be.


Sep. 8th, 2016 02:49 am
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I am not bound by you,bound by gravity, bound by earth or fire or water or sky.
I am limitless as the galaxy, as the expanse of the mind, of the energy that feeds our world and our bodies.
I am the fire you feel in your soul, I am the beat you feel from your heart, I am the wind the blows through the trees.
I am you and you are me.
My mind can't stay within the lines, lines that are never there.
I sit still and close my eyes,
I see darkness.
No longer do I see the edges of my body.
I focus on the gracious air that fills my lungs,
in and out.
Down from my lungs,
I feel the Earth.
I imagine my roots sinking deep into the ground;
I feel the ageless giant steadying my body...and my soul.
I imagine the energy I feel pumping within my veins spreading out into the air,
as if I am a tree with leaves that breathe life into the world.
Suddenly, I do not feel my body against the Earth.
Suddenly, my body does not end - I am the Earth.
Suddenly, I do not feel the air against my skin.
Suddenly, my body does not end - I am the air.
My mind grows quiet.
My worries drift away with each breath,
with each beat of my heart - a beat that suddenly seems to be coming not from my body but from this...all.
Why worry about such petty things in life?
I am alive.
I am limitless.
I am so connected with this peaceful power.
I feel no fear nor pain.
Suddenly, I forget such things even exist.
I feel only calm...peace...a love so powerful - such a power that no words could describe.
So much love.
What a beautiful thing this is.
To exist as one.
I am everything.
We are everything.
"Created in the image of God"
No, no.
Not right, not right.
I feel it, I feel it.
We are God.
This great being;
A being of limitless power and limitless love.
"As above, so below"
Yes, yes. All one. All a reflection - inception.
As I open my eyes, these feelings still reside within me.
Everything has changed.
I can never be the same again.
How can you ever hate another when you know they are a part of you?
How can you ever devalue life again when you have realized the vastness of their life...your life.
Even as time separates us from this experience, even as we begin to forget reality and fall prey to this belief of separation, you can never shake the feeling.
Once, I was so angry. Filled with so much hatred, so bitter, so cold.
Now my anger has cooled from a wildfire to a candle. Easily snuffed, though the smoke after is still a reminder to me. It burns my eyes so I remember to stop using them to see and use my mind instead. I regret my anger but I do not hold such feelings against myself. Being bitter with myself is as useless and being bitter with another. I accept what happened is done, do my best to learn from it, and move on.
Again I remember the closeness I felt, the Oneness I felt.
Despite what anyone has done to anger or hurt me,
I remember we are one
and I wish them the best.
I love them.
I close my eyes again...and the darkness I once feared as a child has suddenly become my friend.
This is what we are - nothing and everything...
and it is beautiful.

Close your eyes, let go of your body, quiet your mind...
You'll feel it too.
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Use your words!
I beg of you,
speak with me
of taboo things;
of the mystery
of the moon,
of the universe,
of life.
Tell me your dreams,
show me your soul.
Speak with words
of beauty
and grace
and eloquence.
Touch my spirit,
kiss my soul,
all with your words.
Use your words.
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Gentle waves,
take me in.
I am lost at sea.

Straight through the storm
To the calm, peaceful shores -
to where I am meant to be.

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Such TERRIBLE news...
The world has lost a true hero - a genuinely amazing, kind-hearted man with nothing but golden intentions.
I hope he has and will continue to inspire new heroes to rise up and continue fighting the good battle for peace and equality.
Namaste, great hero. May you rest in peace...

I may add to this more later but, at the moment, I'm truly at a loss for words.
It's so hard to describe what a loss this is to our world.

BBC News Release of Nelson Mandela's passing:

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I love those moments when nature seems just as - if not more - intelligent than us. I think we humans need to be reminded of our place in life more often. Our population is far too egotistical of our existence and far too careless of all others. We are ONE species out of billions - how dare we think ourselves to be Gods? What you may see a stupid animal or a mindless plant may be reading your mind or carefully contemplating the purpose of the universe and you'd never be the wiser. Simply because they can not understand our language does not mean they are less intelligent - their species is older and wiser. It is we who are too foolish and stupid to remember and speak the language of nature - the language our own species once spoke. We have forgotten too much yet we convince ourselves just the opposite. We believe we've come so far in the world. Oh really? We are tearing our planet apart and slowly poisoning our own species and every other species on this planet. I certainly wouldn't call that progress. You claim our technology is advanced? Our technology still, to this day, can not come even close to matching that of the ancients who built great monuments that were 100% to a hundredth of a decimal perfectly aligned with every piece of themselves and the stars above them as well as the Earth's magnetic fields. THAT is advanced. We are fools who throw sticks and stones at ourselves and the world, who climb to the top of the nearest dirt pile and stand upon in, beating our chests and imagining a halo of sovereignty above our heads. So I raise my hand and salute you, nature. You remain so patient with us no matter how much we hurt you - like a mother patiently watching a growing, learning child. I dream of the day when humans remember the sacredness of nature and of being "one" so that we might actually begin to understand the concept of "God."

Written October 17th, 2013 at 1:22am
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Every day on the news, I hear of new mass shootings, murders, rapes, and crimes of all kinds.
Some cry for the weapons to be taken away - take the guns, take the knives, take it all! But the guns and knives would only be taken from those who obey the law. It is not law-abiders who commit the crimes. Those who commit crimes do not respect the system, they do not respect society - they do not respect anyone. They are lost, they sick, they are mislead. They believe their violence is the means to an end - perhaps an end to suffering, an end to their outrage, and end to something they feel is wrong or unjust, or even an end to their own lives.
When we take the guns and knives from those who abide the law - the good people - they are left unarmed and unable to defend themselves while those who break the laws and acquire these items illegally rampage through homes and crime rates sky-rocket.
When we blame the guns and the knives, we are only blaming a piece of the problem instead of looking to and treating the source.
The source of this problem is at the very source of ourselves. It is the soul and the mind.
How often do you stop to think: "What happened in this person's life that lead to this? What created this monster inside of them?"
Perhaps it is mental illness - something that many lower- to middle-class families can not afford to get help for. Perhaps it is lack of education and therefore these poor people never stood a chance in the world to begin with - and probably knew it, too. They felt that had nothing to lose when they committed these crimes. Again, this is something that many from the lower- and even middle-class can not afford to get help with. So, of course, it's no surprise that crime more often rips through lower- and middle-class communities and cities as opposed to upper-class communities.
How often, though, has this been addressed on the news? I've never seen it yet. All I see is weapon-blaming.
What this world needs is not more weapon control - what this world needs is more help to those who so desperately need it!
Educate the children, care for the bodily and mentally ill, and teach children to continue this process. Teach them to care and look out for each other. Teach them to help those in need and to work together for the greater good.
Right now, we live in a dog-eat-dog world. This is because children are being raised in an environment where they are taught from a young age that they need to look for themselves first and everyone else comes second. There should be no second. When people come in second, they feel worthless, helpless - they feel they have nothing to lose. They are left out of care, left out of valuable education.
However, if we raise our children to believe that there is only ONE way to live - to care for each other as number one because we are all one - these problems will cease. If there are people in need, the community will come together to their rescue. There will be no debates - no "What's in it for me?" There will only be love and compassion. That is what the world needs.

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 You will never understand,
You will never see,
You will never really know
what it's like for me.
I see so much
that hides from your eyes,
I hear the silence
that's filled with lies.
I walk in crowds
but feel so alone.
Quiet in thought,
deep in my zone.
I could try to explain it,
I could go on and on.
Yet no one will hear
my quiet, wise song.
You see me as young
but my mind is so old.
Listen or not, though,
the truth will unfold.
You'll call me naive,
You'll say I don't know,
but just give it time -
my wisdom will show.
My words will prove true,
My voice will be heard.
Your hate will be looked on
as old and absurd.
The time isn't coming -
the time, friends, is now.
Just open your minds
and be one with the tao.

(Edited 9/6/2013 to correct typos)

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It is these quiet times - these silent nights - that bring me back to my own center. I feel so at peace with myself and this world. It is these quiet, peaceful times that make me wonder what the world would be like if everyone took moments like this to reflect on their lives and the world. I believe we distance ourselves too much from each other by passively accepting our existence as a whole instead of taking the time to sit back and appreciate it. When we never think about the lives of others or connect with our deeper selves, it becomes so much easier to be swayed by "evil" thoughts and commit crimes against humanity. But if you have taken the time to really open your mind to existence, suddenly it's not so easy to condemn the poor man who stole chips from a gas station. Suddenly, your wanders to that taboo place called "empathy" and you begin to imagine feeling overwhelming hunger. You imagine living in a shelter filled with noisy, dirty strangers or the cold, hard street. You imagine how hard it must be to get a job when you can not afford nice clothes for interviews and may not have your diploma because you had to drop out to try help support your poor family. Oh, suddenly it's so very hard to look at that poor man and think "He's just a filthy hobo." Suddenly, you feel his pain and your anger dissolves and all that is left is a desire to help and to heal. Imagine that on a large scale and watch the wars of the worlds dissolve away. Ego is the devil, my friends, but quiet times like these - they silence it. Finally, you have the opportunity to spend some quality time with your true self. Your kind self. Your loving self. Your self that is still filled with a childlike wonder of this incredible world and all of its mysteries. Your appreciative self. Get to know yourself, my friends. It is a relationship that will bring nothing but good - for yourself and the world.

Originally written at 1:09am - May 30th, 2013
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 We live in world where we murder to prove who's God is kindest,
a world where we value the trees less than the money made of their wood,
a world where we only care about children before they are born.
Some cry for angels and the angels rush to the pleas
but the angels see the corruption and off again they flee.
We live in a world where we are more angered by cruel words than great massacres,
a world where we care more about the economy of the country than the lives of the world,
a world where those who fight for peace are mocked and forgotten but those who lie for power are loved and immortalized.
Some sing for brotherhood but the tune is lost in war;
we've all been fighting for so damn long, we forgot what we're fighting for.

- Jordyn Mart

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Today is an exceptionally sad day for the citizens of the United States - especially for the citizens of Boston, MA.
Today, two explosions were set off at the finish line of a Boston marathon, murdering 3 and injuring more than 140 innocent people.

CNN News Story:

In response, the Westboro Baptist Church announced their plans to picket the funerals of those innocent people who lost their lives, proclaiming the following...

Let me say this loud and clear:
No God - who created our universe and all of us so lovingly and delicately and perfectly - would ever destroy so many lives because they obtained the freedom to love and marry equally. Marriage is a creation of man - not of God. God does not care what licensing you have with a government - all God cares about is LOVE. God IS love. If you believe, for even a second, that a God who takes care of everything in existence would destroy a single life of its own creation for such shallow reason, you are no better than the individuals who set those bombs. I pray the Light finds a way to your heart and Enlightens your mind, for you are so lost and blind that you mistake the darkness surrounding you for light and the lies in your mind for truth.

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I found this online and wanted to share. Not sure who the original author is...

"Everyone who terrifies you is sixty-five percent water.
And everyone you love is made of stardust.
And I know sometimes you cannot even breathe deeply,
And the night sky is no home, and
you have cried yourself to sleep enough times
that you are down to your last two percent, but

nothing is infinite,
not even loss.

You are made of the sea and the stars, and one day
you are going to find yourself again."

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I am not religious; however, I also do not hate God nor do I deny the existence of God. I am a Spiritualist (the belief system most people forget about because everyone thinks that the battle is religious vs Atheist - which I am clearly neither.) I believe we are all God - everything is God - and, therefore, to hate or deny God would mean that I hated my deepest and truest state of self or that I denied my own existence (and, therefore, the existence of anything).
This may make me a bit of a white elephant here but I feel all sides in this argument need to remember that everyone has their own beliefs - some that many even forget about - and that this separation and arguing is doing no good for anyone. A Christian can tell an Atheist why they should be Christian but the Atheist won't listen and an Atheist could tell a Christian why they should be Atheist but the Christian won't listen. These arguments do nothing but divide humanity more and more and create more and more anger and hate. It comes to a point in time - and I believe, after many centuries of war that now IS that time - that you realize no one is winning the battle, set down your arms and cease your words, and agree to disagree. We will all believe what we choose to believe. I am not saying that you can not teach others about your beliefs and why you believe what you do - but stop trying to force it on others and judge others because they think differently of you. That gets humanity nowhere other than into yet another war.

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Everyday I teach others about equality and love.
I watch their spirits grow and shine like the stars above.
I spread my love to all human beings - young, old, straight, LGBT.
I spread my love out to all and it echos back to me.
It's easy to feel so different and that difference makes us afraid,
but when you stop and think about it, we're really all the same.
Did you know the universe has a heartbeat? Did you know that plants feel pain?
It's time we all woke up and started protecting our world again.
Christians believe man was created to look after the other creatures,
yet they pave their parking lots with blacktop and cut trees to make their bleachers.
But no one ever thinks of this - no one stop to wonder why.
How many people do you pass every day without having the decency to say hi?
Join me in my mission to spread peace and love and joy.
It's time we started reminding each other that our world is not a toy.
Never will I stand aside, my mind and heart are set.
Even if you shot me now, my students won't forget.
I'm no-longer just a person, I'm the personification of a dream
And even if I die today, you can not stop the scheme.
Through my love my friends will wake and their love will echo out
Until the world is one again and love replaces doubt.

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Sometimes I get mad at people and find it hard to remember how, deep inside, we're all really the same. We all have dreams, we all love, and we all hurt. Sometimes, though, it's easy for all of us to forget that. That is until you see something like this. I couldn't stop crying while watching this - I've never been more moved by, of all things, a YouTube video. But you will be, too. Trust me - just watch.

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I worry about future generations. I look at the generation directly beneath my own and see them lacking so much. It's sad when we need a new dictionary for chat-speak because the latest generations are too lazy to even write out an entire word. It seems the increase in technology leads to a decrease in intelligence. Ever since I got a cell phone, my memory has decreased. Who shouldn't it? I don't need to use it near as much anymore. As a child, I could remember multiple phone numbers and now I can barely remember my own. I see an even greater gap forming from the upper class and lower class and this gap is not directly due to just our economy. Those with intelligence are making new technologies that the lower class is becoming dependent on. They keep getting richer and richer and the mass of the population keeps getting dumber and dumber. We're becoming sheep to the system. Do you not see it?
It seems to be human nature to follow, we just have a faulty system of choosing WHO to follow. Just like in wolf packs, most wolves follow while some were just born into a natural state of leadership. Human history shows we follow a similar path - just with horrible judgement of who to follow. Change is made by the herders - be it good or bad. If you choose a corrupt leader, such as Hitler, you end up with the holocaust. If you choose a good-hearted leader, like Martin Luther King Jr., you end up with the civil rights movement and success. If you choose to follow multiple leaders with mixed agendas, such as today's political leaders and the media, you end up with a very confused and corrupted society, such as our society in America.


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