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I'll never understand how so many people cannot value the same things I do as much as I do: Art, poetry, knowledge, adventure! So many seem so satisfied with complacency and mediocre lives. Everyone seems so willing to settle. I feel so different and strange compared to the majority of society. This world is so amazing, don't you want to experience it all? I do...
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I am a sculpture.
Every day of my life,
I feel my experiences
chipping away the grime
of biases
and opinions
and judgments
that drenched my being
since the day I was born.
Every day of my life,
I become purer
and wiser
and cleaner -
I become a greater person.
Every day of my life,
I learn
and I grow
and I fight
to be the best me that I can be.
I chisel away the rough edges
and smooth out the deep lines
cut into my soul
by cruel strangers
by lost friends
by mislead family
and I begin break free.
I'm starting to see,
through the cracks
and the dust
and unfinished ends
the true me peeking through.
I am a work in progress.

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If we want to change society - if we want to change the WORLD, we must change how we educate our youth. We are not the ones who hold the power of the future in our hands - they are. It is our duty to ensure every single child is educated and prepared to save our world. Teach them to be robots in a classroom - accepting and regurgitating the information they're given without questioning it and that is exactly what they will be as adults. Robots who go through the motions and accept the media without question. We must raise our children to question everything - submerge them in hands-on learning that forces them to THINK, not just memorize pointless pieces of information that they'll forget within a week or two. We must engrave in them a deep desire to understand and learn - we must fill them with a never-ending thirst for knowledge. When we educate our children in this way, our world will bound ahead in ways we have never even imagined. It all begins with the children. It must always begin with the children.

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The universe is quite the same as a good parent. It may force you to go through difficult times and tasks but only for your own good. When something goes wrong and you're asking "Why? Why me?" know that it's because this world truly does love you and this is something your soul needs. We humans are really still much like children. Something interferes with our plans or our dreams and we throw temper-tantrums. Some question go so far as to question the existence of a greater power. I see this as the equivalent of a child who isn't getting their way and screams "You're not my mommy!" Well, my friends, the universe is your mommy and, whether you like it or not, she's going to do everything she can in her limitless power to ensure you receive everything you need in life. Some lessons are harder learned than others but don't worry - if you fail a test, mother nature will be sure to give you unlimited chances until you pass. This is why it sometimes seems like the same bad thing keeps happening over and over. It is. Realize that there is something in the situation that you're not understanding or something in your reactions that is incorrect and work from there. Soon enough, you'll find you've passed the test and will move on to your next experience. Fighting this, much like fighting your own mother, will only make your life harder. Accept her eternal love and care and let her guide you and care for you. The mere existence of life - something that even our highly advanced science and technology can still not comprehend or recreate - should be proof enough that she knows exactly what she's doing. <3
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You do not have to be old to be wise and you aren't necessarily wise if you're old. You see, wisdom does not come with age - it comes with an open mind. As long as you live your life believing you've got things figured out, you will never be wise. It is not until you open your mind and listen to everything as though you know nothing at all that you begin to acquire wisdom. It doesn't even take a lifetime to become as wise as the Dalai Lama himself. Once you open your mind, the wisdom begins to soak in like rain to parched Earth. Sometimes, it can be a little overwhelming. The rain will come too fast and there will be a flood of knowledge, some of which you just can not soak up. Just be patient and keep your mind open and slowly you will continue to draw in more and more. This is not as hard as it sounds. You don't have to be a guru meditating on a mountain peak - anyone can do it from any place in the world. All you have to do is open your mind and allow the wisdom to come flowing in.


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