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There is more than one universe, more stars in them all than our minds can comprehend, countless planets of all sizes and colors...
In all of this, our one little planet managed to exist in the perfect spot for life itself to begin and continue to exist.
The Earth we stand on has been a part of the only creation of life yet to be found within billions of light years away, watching every moment of progress for billions of years.
8.7 million species surround us right now.
When you think about all of this...
All of your worries become so small.

The odds of our very existence were next to nothing. The fact that you're even here - that anyone is - is a miracle.
Don't waste this precious gift by focusing on all these little worries when there are jungles to be seen, food to be tasted, friends to be loved, and so many possible experiences to be relished.

We all have different opinions on what may or may not exist afterwards but, for all we can see right now, this may be our one chance, our one shot, our one short second to let our little lights shine.

Shine bright.

Tell Me

Feb. 5th, 2014 06:24 pm
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People say I’m a quiet person
But they simply don’t speak of the things I do
Tell me about your secrets
Your deepest desires
Your wildest dreams
Tell me all you've left unspoken
Tell me what you think
As you wake up in the morning
And lay down to sleep each night
Tell me where your mind wanders
When you’re weary or you’re bored
Tell me about the meaning of life
Or your perception of this world
This galaxy
This universe
Tell me of all these great white elephants
Tell me everything


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