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How can I ever believe anything to be true when my life has been nothing but lies?
Oh, but you make me want to believe.
When I look in your eyes, I see a sort of playful innocence that makes me fall for you over and over again.
As much pain as you've suffered, yet that child within you still lives on.
I thought with some certainty that I'd lost mine long ago - that she finally gave in to her impulse and ran away like she'd dreamt of for so long.
But in that time spent with you, I caught a glimpse of her within those tall trees and in the reflection of that clear mountain water.
I'd forgotten what she looked like: like rays of sunshine and big smiles and skipping feet.
I'd forgotten what she sounded like: like birdsong and laughter and calm sighs.
But there she was.
I guess she just needed a playmate.

Will you run away with me?
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Just dance
And close my eyes
Move with the music
It’s my disguise

The beat, it pounds
In perfect rhythm
With my heart
Sweet synchronism

Tiny dancer
In the dark
The music wraps
Around my heart

Hold me close
Sweet, slow beats
And lift me up
As I move my feet

Let me lose
My mind tonight
My soul is free
All is right
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It's all about keeping up appearances. That's what life is. Living out your wildest dreams while bottling it up in the image of a perfectly quiet no one. You do the day-to-day, you sit at the desk, you go through the motions. But your mind is elsewhere. We are the only ones in the world who know who we truly are. It's kind of wonderful, isn't it? What are we hiding behind those quiet smiles and blank stares? So many brilliant stories that will never be told. People are like books that few can read and even fewer can understand.
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 Society is a disgusting creature anymore. Now teenagers are posting videos of bullies beating the crap out of other teens and kids (some to the point of near death) for FAME. What's worse? MILLIONS of people view the website these videos are posted on and consider it "cool", "awesome" and "funny." Some teens are jumping random people JUST to make a video.
WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? People could DIE from this but you don't care, do you? You'll do anything to get your sick kicks. No respectable, mentally-stable human being could ever find such terrible deeds to be funny.
Parents, watch your children! If your kids are the perpetrators or victims of fights, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Don't just sit back and think "kids will be kids." NO. Kids will be what you teach them to be and if you allow that sort of behavior to pass, those kids will grow to be bullies or victims. Do you know where adult bullies go? They go to prison. Do you know where adult victims end up? They end up in hospitals and cemeteries. If you give a single crap about your children, you teach them that violence is NOT acceptable in ANY way and that if they're getting beat up, they need to report it to the authorities.
Honestly, there is NO excuse for any of this. It is nothing but a world of kids being raised by terrible parents, careless schools and a violence-obsessed society.
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If we want to change society - if we want to change the WORLD, we must change how we educate our youth. We are not the ones who hold the power of the future in our hands - they are. It is our duty to ensure every single child is educated and prepared to save our world. Teach them to be robots in a classroom - accepting and regurgitating the information they're given without questioning it and that is exactly what they will be as adults. Robots who go through the motions and accept the media without question. We must raise our children to question everything - submerge them in hands-on learning that forces them to THINK, not just memorize pointless pieces of information that they'll forget within a week or two. We must engrave in them a deep desire to understand and learn - we must fill them with a never-ending thirst for knowledge. When we educate our children in this way, our world will bound ahead in ways we have never even imagined. It all begins with the children. It must always begin with the children.


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