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I shut off the lights
and now I can't find the switch.
And you'll never see the difference
'tween a victim and a bitch.

I cut myself open
And you just walked away.
You let it all bleed out
after you promised you would stay.

I used to be so loving
My heart bled for everyone
But now I just feel nothing
After my mind came all undone

I'm such a great actress
You'd never really guess
That underneath this pleasant smile
Is a great unholy mess

I have this deep desire
to be happy and to love
but these are things, since long ago
I can only just dream of

But I beg you don't give up on me
Be the first to stay
Show me what it is to love
And I'll meet you there half way

You give me this sort of feeling
That might almost be real
For just a moment, I feel a spark
I think it's love I feel

It's just so unfamiliar
That I just can't quite discern
What is this feeling in my chest
This gentle, warming burn

Give me just a little time
Put your faith in me
And I'll show you just how genuine
My heart can really be
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What words can I speak that have not yet been spoken? Words feel so full of emotion in my mind but spill out from my mouth so empty. What can I tell you that others before me have not lied of? Perhaps, this is why I see so much value in silence. Silence never lies. There is nothing but your eyes on mine and they speak a language far truer than any of the tongue. It's like you see right through me and I can only hope, in that time, that you're seeing my best intentions - because that's all I have for you. And I'll let my walls down - just for a little while - for you, because I have nothing to hide besides my own vulnerability. I am open and honest and true. Cliché as it may sound, I'm not like the others. Although, that - I'm sure - you noticed some time ago. If ever a soul could be genuine, it would be mine. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to come across as immodest. I simply want you to understand who I am and what I stand for. I want you to see me for me.

To Love Me

Mar. 27th, 2014 09:45 pm
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I want you to search my soul without instigation. Find the holes in my walls and chip them away until they all come crashing down. Burst into my mind like a bright ray of sunshine and enlighten the dark fog that clings inside. Make your way to my soul and burn your own through the ice that has encompassed it. Crawl gently into my battered heart and carefully hem the broken pieces back together with tender loving care. This is how you must love me – for no other way is enough.

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Use your words!
I beg of you,
speak with me
of taboo things;
of the mystery
of the moon,
of the universe,
of life.
Tell me your dreams,
show me your soul.
Speak with words
of beauty
and grace
and eloquence.
Touch my spirit,
kiss my soul,
all with your words.
Use your words.
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Are you the one my soul has been waiting for?
Oh, please tell me it’s true!
Tell me it’s you!
I have longed
For so long
To be longed for
The way that I have longed for you.
Say it’s true,
Say it’s true,
Say it’s true!
Say it’s you.
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My art is my writing; each masterpiece painted with lovely words drowning in burning emotion.
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Sometimes I lose control of my emotions and become so unbelievably enraged with ignorant individuals. Individuals who allow their emotions to block their minds and withhold themselves from logical thinking. Individuals who form opinions and place votes that will effect the entire country without doing anything research. To me, that is like jumping off a plane and pulling millions of people with you because you THINK there's a parachute on your back, though you never actually check. Not only are you endangering yourself but you are endangering the lives of others.

But then I calm myself and remember that our world still has millions - billions, perhaps - of years left to live and those young and naive souls still have time to learn. Though it still hurts me that others will suffer from their close-mindedness, I understand that it is out of my control and all I can do is have faith that their souls will grow in time...

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Emotions are crazy things. They are both a blessing and a challenge to us all. We all may handle them in different ways but it is a battle nonetheless. Sometimes we love our emotions and sometimes we wish we didn't have any at all. Sometimes we embrace our emotions, other times we don't even understand how or why they came to be. Some people hide them, some fight them, and some let them take over completely. They are a core part of our being. Without them, could we even be human? It is our emotions that create our greatest accomplishments as well as our greatest tragedies. Our existence consists of countless paradoxes and one of the greatest of them are emotions. I feel we too often forget this. We take our emotions for granted, never look deep within ourselves to understand them - we toss them back in our minds like unwanted junk mail or hoard them inside our hearts like maniacs. Perhaps it is time to stop simply accepting the existence of emotions and instead begin trying to truly understand them - begin trying to truly understand ourselves.


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