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What a beautiful person you are, even beneath those rose lenses, when you show your true self. You are kind and gentle and loving. But be wary of those whom surround you, for they sway you so easily. Stand firm, hold your ground, be true to you. If that voice in your head begins to question your morality, it is time to begin self-reflection. Are you happy with this, where you are right now? What of your past; are you happy with the decisions you've made? Your future; are you happy with the decisions you are about to make? When your heart or mind feel disheveled, take time to pause. I think you forget, all too often, that this is even an option. You move like the river, in constant motion. Perhaps you fear the stillness will bring stagnation. But even the most powerful waves come to pause before receding into that great and powerful ocean. Take heed, for this is important.
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 We live in an age that you must teach people the value of the air we breathe and fight with billions of people to defend it. Take a deep breath in. Feel that? YOU NEED THAT. If it's not clean, it poisons your lungs. This can lead to many terrible fates such as tumors, cancer, and - eventually - asphyxiation. If we do not change the way we live, our entire species and almost every other species on this planet will die. Why? Because people are so stupid that they don't even realize we need to breathe. Or, they just don't care. Are we really that pathetic, humanity? I certainly pray not.

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Sometimes I lose control of my emotions and become so unbelievably enraged with ignorant individuals. Individuals who allow their emotions to block their minds and withhold themselves from logical thinking. Individuals who form opinions and place votes that will effect the entire country without doing anything research. To me, that is like jumping off a plane and pulling millions of people with you because you THINK there's a parachute on your back, though you never actually check. Not only are you endangering yourself but you are endangering the lives of others.

But then I calm myself and remember that our world still has millions - billions, perhaps - of years left to live and those young and naive souls still have time to learn. Though it still hurts me that others will suffer from their close-mindedness, I understand that it is out of my control and all I can do is have faith that their souls will grow in time...

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 Watching the news of the recent deadly storms that have pummeled Central America in a way that is unusual even for Tornado Alley, it is clear the Mother Nature is sending us a clear message. "Change your ways of living or you shall not live at all."

We have abused our Mother Nature far too much and it seems she's fallen into battered woman syndrome. She's sick of being abused and now she's fighting back. Even religions have been warning us of this time for centuries. The evidence is clear both in the present and in ancient history yet STILL we deny it. We stick our heads in the grounds and act like everything will turn out okay - we fool ourselves into believing there's no real immediate need to change. How long before we admit what is already in front of us? The longer we wait, the more we will suffer. Wake up, humanity, before it's too late!


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