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She was in love
Yes, it's true
She loved him
He loved her, too
Their love was a battle
The world was at war
But they had both found
What they were searching for
They weren't giving up
No matter the cost
Their hearts were damaged
But the love wasn't lost
Some say destiny
is but a lie
But they loved each other
until the days that they died
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This fire burns inside of me
This great power
This deep passion
But for what?
I don’t yet know.
I have caught glimpses
Of my destiny
In my dreams
Am I right for this journey?
I don’t yet know.
I feel so small
In a world where bigger
Is better
Can I be the best?
I don’t yet know.
But I will in time.
All great things come with time
And believe me
I will be great.


Oct. 19th, 2013 05:04 pm
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I feel - and have always felt, since I was a small child - a deep need to make a difference. Not a desire - a NEED. It burns inside of me every single day; it is a sort of passion that no other can compare to. When I was little, I used to tell my great-grandmother that I was going to change the world someday. My resolve has not weakened with time. I believe we all have a purpose in life - I believe in destiny. Some people may go through life and never really know what their purpose is but I believe I have always known mine. The world has thrown so many things at me, trying to slow me down and stop me, but nothing has - nor ever will - work. The only thing in the universe that could ever stop me would be death and I hope that by the time my final day comes, I will be immortalized by the great changes I have made in the world. I do not want riches or fame - I want change and I will go to the greatest lengths life throws in front of me to achieve it.
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The universe is quite the same as a good parent. It may force you to go through difficult times and tasks but only for your own good. When something goes wrong and you're asking "Why? Why me?" know that it's because this world truly does love you and this is something your soul needs. We humans are really still much like children. Something interferes with our plans or our dreams and we throw temper-tantrums. Some question go so far as to question the existence of a greater power. I see this as the equivalent of a child who isn't getting their way and screams "You're not my mommy!" Well, my friends, the universe is your mommy and, whether you like it or not, she's going to do everything she can in her limitless power to ensure you receive everything you need in life. Some lessons are harder learned than others but don't worry - if you fail a test, mother nature will be sure to give you unlimited chances until you pass. This is why it sometimes seems like the same bad thing keeps happening over and over. It is. Realize that there is something in the situation that you're not understanding or something in your reactions that is incorrect and work from there. Soon enough, you'll find you've passed the test and will move on to your next experience. Fighting this, much like fighting your own mother, will only make your life harder. Accept her eternal love and care and let her guide you and care for you. The mere existence of life - something that even our highly advanced science and technology can still not comprehend or recreate - should be proof enough that she knows exactly what she's doing. <3
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Our lives are no different than our dreams. Knowingly or not, we create our own destinies and our own dreams. Sometimes, the experiences are not always what we think we want them to be, yet somewhere deep in our soul we have always known that that is exactly what we need to grow. Every experience, every dream, is message from our souls. If we don't remember this, we lose sight of the connections in the world and become caught up in a seemingly never-ending chaos. Many try to argue with destiny, claiming "God" gave us free will. These people don't understand that our destiny was created by our own free will - we just don't remember that right now. Trust yourself and pay attention to every experience and every dream you encounter. They exist for a reason; They are your stepping stones to a great world, a greater dimension. They are there to lift you up, not to cause you to fall down. It's much the same as climbing a mountain: If you pay close attention to each step, you will climb further and further up the mountain until you reach that great peak. However, if you lose focus and allow yourself to become distracted, you will trip upon every neck rock in your path and continue to fall further and further to the bottom. Keep sight of life, pay attention to everything your life and your dreams have to tell you, and hold faith in yourself and your destiny. We are all headed for great things.


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