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She stood on the roof
And peered out at the stars
Wondering, if she jumped,
If she’d make it back to Mars.
Is she a woman
Or maybe something else?
She never quite belonged
Or understood herself.
She closed her eyes and imagined
She’s from some other place,
An anomaly sent
From the other side of space.
She felt the stardust brush
Her fingers as she soared;
He saw her flying through the sky
And his faith was restored.
A feather from her wings
He hoped to steal
To prove to the world
That angels are real.
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I see hypocrisy everywhere and it drives me insane. It's even worse when I see people calling out hypocrites for being hypocritical when they, themselves, are hypocritical of the EXACT same things. I see this and want to say something - not out of spite but more like a mother guiding a child through a lesson. Unfortunately, I know it wouldn't go over well and would only result with them fuming at me. People tell me I'm wise and support everything I say to others until suddenly they're the ones I'm talking to and then they want to hear nothing of it. Hypocrites. Hypocrites everywhere.

When someone is giving you advise or criticism - listen to them. Even if everything they are saying seems wrong, at least listen. It can help you grow as a person. Perhaps they are wrong but their comments may make you aware of something you ARE guilty of or DO need to work on or maybe something you are doing great at and should CONTINUE to do.

The greatest advice I can give you in these situations is 2 words:
Just listen.


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