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 Watching the news of the recent deadly storms that have pummeled Central America in a way that is unusual even for Tornado Alley, it is clear the Mother Nature is sending us a clear message. "Change your ways of living or you shall not live at all."

We have abused our Mother Nature far too much and it seems she's fallen into battered woman syndrome. She's sick of being abused and now she's fighting back. Even religions have been warning us of this time for centuries. The evidence is clear both in the present and in ancient history yet STILL we deny it. We stick our heads in the grounds and act like everything will turn out okay - we fool ourselves into believing there's no real immediate need to change. How long before we admit what is already in front of us? The longer we wait, the more we will suffer. Wake up, humanity, before it's too late!

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Unitarians rejected the Trinity doctrine articulated in the Nicene and Chalcedon Creeds in order to affirm the oneness of God. They also tended to support a more optimistic view of human nature than reflected in the Westminster Confession of Faith. Consistently, they appealed to scriptures as they questioned the classic tests of orthodoxy. “Later the Unitarian position was to be summarized in James Freeman Clarke’s “Affirmation of Faith”: “The fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man, the leadership of Jesus, salvation by character, and the progress of mankind onward and upward forever”

That's what I'm talking about! Question things! Reject that which does not ring true in your soul. If you see b.s. then call b.s.! This is exactly what needs to continue happening now! I know people doubt the things they hear in church - if only they would stand up and question it! Come on, people! Speak out! Our ancestors did it and you can, too! I don't mean this for religion only, either. If there is something in the world that rings false in your soul then call it out!
If you believe without question, that is blind faith. To me, that is the most shameful type of faith.
If you have not questioned, that means you have not found answers and you have not considered any other beliefs.
If you have not considered any other beliefs or have no answers, how do you know your faith is true and right?
You don't.
Hey, maybe you were lucky enough to born into a region and family that preaches the perfect religion. Chances are, however, that that's just not the case.
In fact, how do any of us know that any of the religions on this planet are 100% correct?
We really don't.
The best thing, I believe, we can do is to learn about as many faiths and beliefs as we can, hold on to what rings true in our soul
and throw out all that our soul screams "false!"
I beg of you - even if you feel your religion is the right one, take the time to learn about other faiths. If anything, it will at least help you understand the millions of other people and perspectives around you and make it that much easier for you to make amazing friends in your lifetime.

What if...?

Apr. 6th, 2013 07:29 pm
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What if when we die, we wake up? What if this is all a dream? You can say you can tell the difference between life and dreaming - you can say you're more conscious when you're awake. But what if the dreams you're comparing "life" to are really a dream within this dream and our senses just grow weaker the deeper we're dreaming?
When I become conscious in my dreams, I feel out of place.
Those of us here who are "waking up" in this life feel out of place.
What if life is literally made of conscious levels and when we die, we wake in the next level?

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So much of the media is filled with stupid distractions from what's real.
No one has any clue about half of what is going on in this world.
The media convinces you that you're living in a world of violence and terror and that you are powerless to do anything about it.
They convince you that you have to be the President or a member of Congress to make change and all YOU can do is sit and watch your tv to see what will happen.
That's all lies.
There are 535 people in Congress, 1 President, and 311,591,917 Americans.
Who do you think has the most power?
If we would all step outside of the media and work together, we could turn this country - this WORLD - into the free, loving, equal, and peaceful place it deserves to be.
But the media has turned you into SHEEP.
They take advantage of your emotions and use them to fulfill their agenda.
Think about it...
Congress wants more gun control.
Have you noticed how many stories have recently been all over the news about recent gun violence?
Suddenly, it seems as though gun violence has exploded all over the world! But it hasn't. In fact, gun violence has been decreasing since the 1970's. Bet you didn't know that! Why do I say that? Because I'm certain many of you who are posting your anti-gun rants haven't taken a minute of your time to research that. You see the heart-breaking murder of children and immediately become vengeful against those who commit crime with guns. You may do research, but you only research topics that SUPPORT your view - never once taking the time to open-mindedly look at the opposing facts.
And when that law comes to vote, you'll all be rushing to the polls to fulfill Congress' wishes - you'll be blindly checking off one more task on their agenda.
Are you seeing it yet, little sheep?
Burn the agenda, prove to the world that you are intelligent human beings - not sheep! Rise up and fight for what you KNOW is right and quit settling for what's "good enough!"

Don't believe my statement about violence?
Here's my source:

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(The following is a spiritual poem, not written by myself. The author is unknown to me at this time.)
O Great Beloveds of the starry night
You who reign in all your seen and unseen glory
Come forth and share yourselves with me and to All That Is
Let it be known everywhere who you really are
For you are more ready then you believe yourselves to be
The closet is not as safe a place as the Grand Illusion has led you all to believe
Wake up!
Beloved sleepy ones
Wipe the dust from your eyes
And shake the cobwebs from your limbs
Believe me when I say that it's far wiser to correct a dissonant harmonic
Then to allow a symphony to play disunited
Therein lies your power
A secret revealed
The Heart
The greatest instrument that you can Feel
Is also the greatest instrument to Be
Yes, indeed!
Feeling is being
And being is knowing
And knowing is connecting
Merging in with Truth
I wonder to All
Can you value your uniqueness as part of the Whole?
Can you see your beauty in all your glory?
All of that which is in the likeness of the Unnameable One
Is reflected upon us with divine grace
Cloudy eyes shift to clear and all truth is thus revealed
Now try and go back into the self-enclosed proverbial closet
How do you feel?
Not so easy is it?
Or is it?


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