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All around me, I'm seeing and hearing outrage that Paula Deen lost her job due to a racist comment. One individual on a Facebook page down-played the severity of racism in their smart ass, sarcastic comment "Oh, and thank God none of us have EVER been racist. Only this woman. Bad woman. Bad." As if so many people are racist that it's ridiculous for someone to lose their job over it.
If history has proved anything, it's proved that words do far more damage than any of us would like to openly admit. Racism is just another form of bullying. If you punched someone at work, would you lose your job? Of course! That's bullying. So why is everyone suddenly so defensive of a woman they don't actually know and down-playing the fact that she's a bully? Because she makes yummy food?
Leave it to America to put their stomachs before their hearts.

This woman clearly DID deserve to lose her job and public title! She is not worthy of being a role-model to anyone!
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Sometimes I lose control of my emotions and become so unbelievably enraged with ignorant individuals. Individuals who allow their emotions to block their minds and withhold themselves from logical thinking. Individuals who form opinions and place votes that will effect the entire country without doing anything research. To me, that is like jumping off a plane and pulling millions of people with you because you THINK there's a parachute on your back, though you never actually check. Not only are you endangering yourself but you are endangering the lives of others.

But then I calm myself and remember that our world still has millions - billions, perhaps - of years left to live and those young and naive souls still have time to learn. Though it still hurts me that others will suffer from their close-mindedness, I understand that it is out of my control and all I can do is have faith that their souls will grow in time...

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 Society is a disgusting creature anymore. Now teenagers are posting videos of bullies beating the crap out of other teens and kids (some to the point of near death) for FAME. What's worse? MILLIONS of people view the website these videos are posted on and consider it "cool", "awesome" and "funny." Some teens are jumping random people JUST to make a video.
WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? People could DIE from this but you don't care, do you? You'll do anything to get your sick kicks. No respectable, mentally-stable human being could ever find such terrible deeds to be funny.
Parents, watch your children! If your kids are the perpetrators or victims of fights, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Don't just sit back and think "kids will be kids." NO. Kids will be what you teach them to be and if you allow that sort of behavior to pass, those kids will grow to be bullies or victims. Do you know where adult bullies go? They go to prison. Do you know where adult victims end up? They end up in hospitals and cemeteries. If you give a single crap about your children, you teach them that violence is NOT acceptable in ANY way and that if they're getting beat up, they need to report it to the authorities.
Honestly, there is NO excuse for any of this. It is nothing but a world of kids being raised by terrible parents, careless schools and a violence-obsessed society.
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I am not religious; however, I also do not hate God nor do I deny the existence of God. I am a Spiritualist (the belief system most people forget about because everyone thinks that the battle is religious vs Atheist - which I am clearly neither.) I believe we are all God - everything is God - and, therefore, to hate or deny God would mean that I hated my deepest and truest state of self or that I denied my own existence (and, therefore, the existence of anything).
This may make me a bit of a white elephant here but I feel all sides in this argument need to remember that everyone has their own beliefs - some that many even forget about - and that this separation and arguing is doing no good for anyone. A Christian can tell an Atheist why they should be Christian but the Atheist won't listen and an Atheist could tell a Christian why they should be Atheist but the Christian won't listen. These arguments do nothing but divide humanity more and more and create more and more anger and hate. It comes to a point in time - and I believe, after many centuries of war that now IS that time - that you realize no one is winning the battle, set down your arms and cease your words, and agree to disagree. We will all believe what we choose to believe. I am not saying that you can not teach others about your beliefs and why you believe what you do - but stop trying to force it on others and judge others because they think differently of you. That gets humanity nowhere other than into yet another war.


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